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After big break into Bundestag, AfD already plotting Merkel's demise

30 September 2017

But with the biggest victor being the nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party - more than tripling its support from four percent in '13 to 13.5 percent Sunday - it must be said that Vladimir Putin also emerged as a big victor in the Germany elections.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing harsh criticism from her allies after the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) won Sunday's general election despite the politician's declining support.

FDP aims to address the current so-called "council of elders" responsible for the Federal Parliament's seating to request that the party's faction receive a new position between the Christian Democratic Union (CSU)/ Christian Social Union (CSU) and Green party (Gruene) factions. Voters turned away from both major parties, and backed the populist-right Alternative fuer Deutschland (up 8%) and the Free Democrats (up 6%).

It was not immediately clear why she was making such a move.

Reuters provides a bit more: "Germany's Green party said on Monday one of its main conditions for participating in any future coalition government will be ensuring that Europe's biggest economy fulfills its obligations as part of the Paris climate accord".

Iraq's flight ban on Kurds goes into effect
He cited, for instance, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer of NY , who Wednesday praised the Kurdish independence vote. The Iraqi government has placed a ban on global flights to airports in the country's Kurdish area.

Sunday's election marked the first time a far-right party has entered the parliament in more than 60 years. More dramatically, the SPD (Social Democrats), Merkel's partner in a "grand coalition", dropped to its lowest showing (20.4 percent) since the first elections in the former West Germany after World War II. Partly, they appeal to voters alarmed by the flood of refugees but they're also a product of uncertain economic times caused by new technologies. For example, the French National Front party, whose leader Marine Le Pen was defeated in the French presidential election, has partially become isolated in recent months, but it has welcomed the victory of the AfD.

"We will take our country back", said the AfD's Alexander Gauland, who has urged Germans to be proud of their war veterans and said a government official who is of Turkish origin should be "dumped in Anatolia". Chief among their concerns is the way the government has handled the influx of more than 1.5 million refugees since mid-2015, a majority of them Muslim.

The AfD denies it is a Nazi party.

An alternative coalition for Merkel would be a three-way tie-up with the FDP and the Greens. "We will hunt them down", he said while speaking in a Berlin nightclub. "AfD!" and others started singing the German national anthem.

After big break into Bundestag, AfD already plotting Merkel's demise