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Is this the Mona Lisa, nude?

30 September 2017

The large etching has been held as part of the huge collection of Renaissance art at the Conde Museum at the palace of Chantily, north of the French capital, since 1862. The hands and body are nearly identical to those in da Vinci's inscrutable masterpiece.

The hottie Monna Vanna, ca 1515.

The piece of art was previously believed to have been the work of Leonardo da Vinci's students but experts are now running tests to establish whether the sketch could "at least in part" be by the famous artist himself, the BBC reported. "It is not a pale copy", curator Mathieu Deldicque said.

"So many students of Leonardo have painted naked Mona Lisas or written about it, that we are nearly certain that Leonardo painted one", Mr. Deldicque said.

He also said that the hands and body on both the Monna Vanna and the Mona Lisa are nearly identical and that both portraits are nearly the same size.

The Mona Lisa oil painting, among the world's greatest art treasures, hangs in the Louvre.

The drawing is nearly the same size as the famous painting and small holes around the figure suggest it may have been used to trace the form onto a canvas. Tests have already revealed that it was not a copy of a lost original.

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Da Vinci drew with his left hand, but hatching at the top of the drawing was done by a right-handed person, Bruno Mottin told the Parisien newspaper.

Officially attributing the painting to da Vinci 'is job that is going to take some time, ' he added.

"Very often, drawings are resumed, completed, transformed", said Patrick de Bayser, an expert in old drawings who works at the Galerie de Bayser in Paris and helps auctioneers value these drawings.

More than 10 experts have been poring over the drawing for the past few weeks, using a variety of scans and other scientific methods.

A woman performance artist who exposes herself in museums is to be prosecuted for exhibitionism after baring her genitals in front of the Mona Lisa in Paris, her lawyer said Thursday.

Experts are trying to determine whether a nude sketch was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci as a precursor to the Mona Lisa.

Is this the Mona Lisa, nude?