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Couple Describe Witnessing Las Vegas Shooting

04 October 2017

"It's time for Congress to get off its ass and do something". "We can demand that the leaders we elect to go to work ... don't have the option to say that this is just too hard".

At a candidate forum in Richmond last week, Northam and Gillespie weighed in on what may be a new gun policy issue for the 2018 legislative session: whether cities and counties should be allowed to restrict weapons at volatile political rallies like the chaotic white nationalist gathering in Charlottesville this summer. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.), said on Capitol Hill today that President Trump's message of "thoughts and prayers" for the families of the victims affected by the Las Vegas shooting is insufficient to stop gun violence.

Giffords finished, "The nation is counting on you".

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, of Rhode Island, said mass shootings are "all too familiar in America". "But if you're saying that this Republican Congress is going to infringe upon Second Amendment rights, we're not going to do that", he said.

The legislation also includes provisions that would loosen restrictions on transporting firearms across state lines and prevent certain types of ammunition from being designated as "armor-piercing" and thus subject to tighter federal oversight.

Hillary Clinton tweeted Monday that the crowd in Las Vegas "fled at the sound of gunshots".

Former Australian PM picks fight with Macklemore over marriage equality
Speaking to Channel 9, Macklemore spoke about music power to bring a message to a wider audience and help affect change. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbot even took to Twitter to remark that politics should be kept out of sport.

Democrats called both bills outrageous.

The former astronaut charged that Congress has done "absolutely nothing" to stop further acts of gun violence and instead is working to craft legislation to "weaken our gun laws".

A separate bill sponsored by Rep. Richard Hudson, R-N.C., would allow any gun owner with a state-issued concealed carry permit to hide a handgun in any state that allows concealed carry. Scalise returned to the Capitol last week after he was shot and critically wounded in June as he and fellow Republicans practiced for a congressional baseball game. "I'm exhausted of waking up to horrific news like this, and I'm sure you are, too". "And we pray for the day when evil is banished, and the innocent are safe from hatred and from fear".

"Imagine how much worse last night's shooting could have been if the gunman had a silencer", Kelly said.

Gun-control advocates zeroed in - not on the type of guns used but on laws that could change how the shooter got them. "We need it NOW", the Massachusetts Democrat wrote on Twitter.

Couple Describe Witnessing Las Vegas Shooting