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Canadian police officer and four pedestrians injured in 'act of terrorism'

05 October 2017

Police said that an Islamic State flag was found in one of the vehicles and has been seized as evidence.

"We are urging Edmontonians to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings", Edmonton Police Service Chief Rod Knecht said in a 3 a.m. news conference.

At approximately, 8.15pm a man in a speeding white Chevy Malibu crashed through police barricades outside an Edmonton stadium where a Canadian Football League game was being played.

Shortly before midnight, a man driving a rented U-Haul van was pulled over at a checkpoint and police recognised the name on the rental documents as similar to those for the vehicle that struck Constable Chernyk.

Charges are pending against a suspect in a knife-and-vehicle attack outside a football game in the Canadian city of Edmonton that left a police officer and four pedestrians injured last Saturday.

Police say terrorism charges are pending against a suspect arrested after the attacks that saw the police officer stabbed and several pedestrians run down by a truck.

Police have one man in custody and say they think he acted alone, but they aren't ruling out that others are involved.

Investigators believe the incident near Commonwealth Stadium and subsequent attempts to injure pedestrians in downtown Edmonton may be related.

Edmonton police continue to maintain that - for now - Saturday's terrorist attack was an isolated incident and that the suspect acted on his own.

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The Malibu's driver then jumped out and attacked the officer with a knife before fleeing on foot.

He said the call was made to keep the high-speed pursuit through the downtown, busy with late night bar and night-club goers, because of the threat posed by the suspect.

In March 2016, a Canadian who said he was acting on orders of Allah attacked two soldiers with a knife at a recruitment centre in Toronto.

Ahmed Abdulkadir, executive director of the Ogaden Somali Community of Alberta Residents, said he did not know Mr. Sharif, but is concerned his actions will affect Muslim and Somali communities in Edmonton.

"He was arrested for terrorism charges, so he would understand his full jeopardy, however at this point in the investigation, those are the charges that we have laid".

"The constable is doing surprisingly well and is receiving support from the Edmonton Police Service and his family", he said.

"There were like 10 cop cars following him". "It just came around the corner, ripping".

"We can not - and will not - let violent extremism take root in our communities", he said.

Canadian police officer and four pedestrians injured in 'act of terrorism'