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Charlottesville's first Indigenous Peoples Day celebrated downtown

10 October 2017

Asked about Columbus, de Blasio said, "You can debate the historical figure of Christopher Columbus, but you can't debate the contribution of Italian-Americans to this country". Some Americans (12 percent) remained "unsure", while only 3 percent said they had never heard of Columbus.

"The Knights of Columbus joins the vast majority of Americans in celebrating Columbus Day", said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, the organization's CEO.

Monday, Oct. 9 is Columbus Day, a time set aside to commemorate the day in 1492 that Italian explorer Christopher Columbus first saw what we now know as America.

Guy Jones, president of the Miami Valley for Native Americans, told the Cincinnati Enquirer that because of the defeat, Native Americans again are left out. President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared Columbus Day to be a national holiday in 1937.

Trump's proclamation stands in stark contrast to Obama-era statements that used the day as an opportunity to open dialogue about both the positive and negative externalities of Columbus' discovery.

John King, Grand Knight of the Broken Arrow Council of the Knights of Columbus, the world's largest Catholic fraternal organization, said he was happy about the Tulsa City Council decision to retain recognition of Columbus Day. Onlookers waved Italian and American flags, although long stretches of the parade route were empty of spectators. We should be talking about what our history books are missing. For those whose culture is affected every year by the celebration of Columbus Day, there should be safe spaces for sharing and reconciliation. I have no problem with a day recognizing Native American people.

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The first Columbus Day celebration in the US took place in 1792, when a group of leaders in NY held an event to commemorate the 300 anniversary of the explorer's historic landing.

Since its inception, Indigenous Peoples' Day has helped to foster feelings of solidarity, dignity, acceptance and healing between the local Native and non-Native communities, according to Hallie Frazer, a board member on Berkeley's Indigenous Peoples' Day Committee and a descendant of the Quechua Nation of Peru.

Columbus' first voyage to the Americas is also celebrated in Spain, Italy and many Latin American nations.

In 2014, a few cities such as Seattle and Minneapolis adopted resolutions replacing Columbus Day, and in the next few years resolutions across the country took flight in dozens of places.

The Marist Poll surveyed 1,224 adults September 11-13, funded in partnership with the Knights of Columbus.

Charlottesville's first Indigenous Peoples Day celebrated downtown