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Microsoft finally admits Windows Phone is dead

10 October 2017

A Microsoft executive confirmed on Twitter over the weekend something we already knew but hadn't been said officially: Building new features and devices under the Windows Phone and Windows Mobile platform are not a focus for the company.

Joe Belfiore is Microsoft's Vice President of Operating Systems and plays a big part in Windows 10 for all devices, including mobile. And Microsoft's Joe Belfiore is the man who's driving the final nail in the company's OS coffin. "Of course we'll continue to support the platform", said Belfiore, "bug fixes, security updates, etc. Paid money.wrote apps 4 them. but the volume of users is too low for most companies to invest", he said.

He also explained the reason why the company has chose to abandon the platform which doesn't really surprise us. Currently, Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) alone account for 99% of the global smartphone market, according to figures from Gartner. In any event, Windows Phone 8 did mature over its short lifetime, gaining many features other platforms had had for ages. But taking the head of Microsoft in 2014, Satya Nadella has changed his strategy by focusing on the development of apps Microsoft for iOS and Android. But the number of users were very less to invoke interest in writing applications. However, the user base of Windows phone is just too small to get their interest. He further states that he has shifted the platform for better usability and asked the users to make a call on which to use.

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Nearing the end of the noughties, Microsoft's Windows phones were one of the major rivals to iPhone and then the emerging Android phones but they saw a drastic downfall over the years.

"We have tried VERY HARD to [incentivize] app devs", Belfiore wrote. Microsoft clearly failed to translate its prowess in the PC segment into the mobile phone segment. Despite that, Microsoft's platform couldn't compete with the likes of iOS and Android.

If you own a phone running Windows 10 mobile, ignore the headlines that tell you to upgrade your phone immediately.

Microsoft finally admits Windows Phone is dead