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RIP Kinect: Microsoft stops manufacturing Xbox and Windows add-on device

26 October 2017

Despite selling around 35 million units, Co.Design reported that Microsoft will stop making the Kinect once retailers sell-out of their existing stock. The core sensor, which Co.Design have revealed a previously unannounced v5 version of, is one of the technologies used in the Microsoft Hololens, Microsoft's ambitious take on the world of augmented reality.

While I never used the Kinect camera much myself, I always appreciated the concept of the tech.

Microsoft has ended production of Kinect, its motion-tracking games controller.

KitGuru Says: Given that the Xbox One X doesn't include a Kinect port, and the standard Xbox One and One S no longer come bundles with the Kinect at all, this news isn't too surprising.

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That doesn't, however, mean Kinect will go down as a forgotten dead-end technology. "That was our goal with the Xbox One launch", said Matthew Lapsen, GM of Xbox Devices Marketing.

At the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft tried to refocus interest on the Kinect 2.0 sensor, packaging one with each console as standard, and heavily integrating voice and movement functionality into the console's OS.

Microsoft initially touted Kinect as the next level of motion control, one that eschewed physical, hands-on controllers by using the human body itself for input. No further units will be produced and only the remaining stock of the units now in stores will be available for sale, though support for the device will continue for customers that now have it for Xbox consoles.

Microsoft has been slowly chipping away at the Kinect's usefulness and features across its platforms, yet today's news still comes as something of a shock. That investment will finally pay off (or not) with the iPhone X. Inside the phone's notch is the Face ID system, a depth-sensing infrared camera that relies on Kinect-like algorithms to map faces. It was May of 2014 that the Xbox One was re-released sans Kinect. The Kinect team, meanwhile, has already moved on to create other products, such as Cortana and Windows Hello. Did you have fun with Dance Central and Kinect Sports back in the day, or were you against it from day one?

RIP Kinect: Microsoft stops manufacturing Xbox and Windows add-on device