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Steam Introduces A New Way To Gift Games To Friends

29 October 2017

Valve has today announced the availability of new Steam Digital Gift Cards created to easily allows friends and family to add funds to online Steam wallets. With the gift cards, players can send funds to each other in their Steam Wallets.

Since its introduction in 2003, Steam has dominated the sales of PC games everywhere and for those looking for a little more flexibility when it comes to sharing games as gifts with friends, Steam is offering new digital cards to gift to your friends.

What is notable about these gift cards is that they are not limited by regions, allowing people to gift to friends in other countries.

Valve noted that the latest Steam gift cards would not replace the existing gift system.

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However, there are a handful of caveats to Steam's new online gift card scheme.

Select the desired gift card from the available selection. If the user accepts the gift, it's added to their Steam library. Now that you have to directly choose who to gift games to before purchase, hoarding is no longer an option. PayPal, Bitcoin, and traditional credit/debit card are the payment methods accepted.

An email message is sent to the selected friend, and the new gift card is also highlighted in the Steam client. If your friend lives in a different area of the world to you, Steam will automatically convert the currency before sending the gift card.

The gift cards come in increasing values of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

Steam Introduces A New Way To Gift Games To Friends