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American Hero Fired For Flipping Off Trump Motorcade

08 November 2017

Briskman told the Huffington Post the reason she was sacked was because their employees are not allowed to post content to their social media accounts that may be considered "lewd" or "obscene" and according to Ms. Briskman, her gesture to President Trump's motorcade was considered "obscene".

The woman was sacked for violating company's social media policy.

"So they were calling flipping him off 'obscene, '" Birskman told the Huffington Post.

The company told Briskman that they were "displeased" that she used the image as her profile picture on Twitter and Facebook and that it violated the company's social media policy as the picture could harm the company's reputation. That last part, apparently, was too much for her employer, government contractor Akima LLC.

"'Basically, you can not have lewd or obscene things in your social media.' So they were calling flipping him off obscene", she added.

The 50-year-old mother-of two said she did not regret making the gesture, even though she lost her job.

As far as what was going through her head in the moments leading up to her decision to give the POTUS a big 'F-K you, ' Briskman explained, "He was passing by and my blood just started to boil", she said.

"My finger said what I was feeling", Briskman said.

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Briskman told The Washington Post that she was sacked for violating the company's code of conduct policy, specifically the section covering actions on social media. She posted the image to her social media, but her profiles on those do not connect her to Akima.

After her picture went viral, she reported the matter to the HR department of her company, Akima, a Virginia-based federal contractor.

But Briskman who made her own little public stance, unattached from the company? They wouldn't fire employees for, say, publicly taking a pro-life stance or critiquing "animal rights".

She says now that she's looking for work again, she hopes to get a job with an advocacy group like PETA.

So what was she thinking when she gave Trump the finger?

"In some ways, I'm doing better than ever", Briskman told HuffPost. But apparently the good ol' social media policy didn't apply to this guy.

Briskman said that that day on her bike was not something that she had planned, but she had been increasingly frustrated with Trump's behavior and his performance (or rather, lack thereof) as the leader of this country.

American Hero Fired For Flipping Off Trump Motorcade