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Hitman is getting a TV series on Hulu streaming service

15 November 2017

Action is something that does occur in the Hitman series, true, but it's typically something a player is forced into after making a mistake.

Deadline reports that a new Hitman series is in the works by both Fox 21 and Hulu.

If you've played any of IO Interactive's Hitman games, you know how episodic the setup is: Agent 47 and his bald, bar-coded head travel to locations both exotic and mundane - sometimes in creative disguise - and carry out murder assignments that involve espionage at the highest global levels.

Produced by Kolstad, Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon, Hulu's Hitman does not yet have a release date. The hopes are Hitman will become a flagship series for the streaming service. Revolving around the stoic Agent 47, a bald guy with a barcode tattoo on his skull nobody seems to notice, is all about creatively bumping off jerks who really have operatic deaths coming to them in some of the world's most glamorous locales.

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Promisingly, however, Derek Kolstad, who created John Wick, will be drafting up the pilot script.

Speaking of the games, Hitman: Season One was recently re-released after Io split from owners Square Enix and returned to being and independent studio. Aleksander Bach directed Hitman: Agent 47 in 2015.

Kolstad's skill for writing assassins is, of course, pretty firmly established at this point though - hopefully he'll do a better job. No, but John Wick is a fantastic series, with the third part in the trilogy due out in 2019.

The 2007 Hitman film, directed by Skip Woods, saw Timothy Olyphant play Agent 47.

Hitman is getting a TV series on Hulu streaming service