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Today, We May Learn How the FCC Plans to Destroy Net Neutrality

22 November 2017

Net neutrality is the principle that internet providers treat all web traffic equally, and it's pretty much how the internet has worked since its creation.

With three Republican and two Democratic commissioners, the move is all but certain to be approved.

Big telecom companies say they don't want the stricter regulation that comes with the net neutrality rules.

Pai unveiled a "Restoring Internet Freedom" order to be voted on at the FCC's December 14 meeting, scrapping a hotly contest rule which barred broadband firms from shutting out rival services or creating online "fast" and "slow" lanes.

The new FCC may not be a fan of net neutrality rules, but Pai is expecting to face strong fight from the public. If providers decide to engage in those actions, they would have to reveal what content they were blocking, what content they were throttling, which affiliates were engaged in service prioritization and how paid prioritization schedules were laid out.

American consumers are used to thinking of their internet service as a public utility, similar to turning on the tap and getting a consistent stream of water. Democrats and internet companies said the rules are needed to prevent broadband providers from favoring their business partners' offerings, or their own video and other content.

"Instead, the FCC would simply require Internet service providers to be transparent about their practices so that consumers can buy the service plan that's best for them and entrepreneurs and other small businesses can have the technical information they need to innovate", he said.

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"The FCC's net neutrality rules are working well for consumers, and we're disappointed in the proposal released today", Google said in a statement.

"This proposal undoes almost two decades of bipartisan agreement on baseline net neutrality principles that protect Americans' ability to access the entire internet", Michael Beckerman, president and CEO of the Internet Association, said in a statement.

How do you feel about the end of net neutrality?

The FCC's plan has also stirred up heated resistance on Reddit, where numerous users are calling for USA citizens to contact their state representatives to demand their support for net neutrality.

"The administration is moving to destroy the openness and dynamism of the internet", Pelosi said in an email message.

"The FTC stands ready to protect broadband subscribers from anticompetitive, unfair, or deceptive acts and practices just as we protect consumers in the rest of the Internet ecosystem", Ohlhausen said in a statement Tuesday. The embattled rules risk "stifling innovation, costing jobs, and casting a pall over the investment needed", said Michael Powell, chairman of the Washington-based trade group.

Today, We May Learn How the FCC Plans to Destroy Net Neutrality