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Harvey Weinstein's Legal Battle Is Growing in the UK

30 November 2017

When she rebuffed him, he "forcibly" pulled her into the bathroom, where he pulled down her shirt, unbuckled his trousers and masturbated as he rubbed against her and then forced her hand on his penis, the lawsuit states.

"Essentially under the statute, if a US citizen goes to another country and uses force to entice a person to engage in a commercial sex act, they violate this law", Noble's told NBC News. The disgraced mogul, whose sexual misconduct scandal marked a turning point for Hollywood's casting-couch culture, is now facing a civil suit from a woman in the United Kingdom who claims he sexually harassed her in London. "He informed her that she needed to relax, and if she did, his people would have all of her details and would "take care of everything" for her".

Meanwhile, an actress named Kadian Noble has accused Weinstein of luring her into a hotel room in the south of France and assaulting her in 2014.

The lawsuit, filed in NY, goes on to say that despite telling him to stop, he "forcibly pulled" her into the bathroom where he stripped and groped her, forcing her to perform sexual acts. She alleges that Weinstein sexually assaulted her in 2014 during the Cannes Film Festival.

The plaintiff's lawyer, Jeffrey Herman, said he knew of only one other case that attempted to use the law in a similar way but it failed to prove the underlying allegations, meaning the expanded interpretation of the law went untested.

At that point, Weinstein "pulled Kadian closer and groped her breasts" according to the suit, despite the plaintiff's protests.

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The actress is seeking unspecified damages, accusing Weinstein of being able "to force or coerce" her into sexual activity by promising to wield influence in the film industry - and that it was a violation of sex trafficking statute.

The complaint then lays out its reasons for naming The Weinstein Company and Bob Weinstein as co-defendants.

Harvey Weinstein denies any allegations of non-consensual sex.

Weinstein also asked Kadian to "walk up and down the room for him" as part of an "audition", the lawsuit said.

Noble also was made to get on the phone with a person she was told was an executive she claims, with that man instructing her to be 'a good girl and do whatever he wished'. This referred to a woman who had sex with Harvey in exchange for a role or job in a project. "Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances". "It's a way to bring back from the dead lawsuits that were simply barred by the statute of limitations".

Harvey Weinstein's Legal Battle Is Growing in the UK