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White House: Trump's throat 'was dry'

08 December 2017

"His throat was dry".

President Trump will undergo the traditional physical examination at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in early 2018 and make public the results of that checkup, the White House promised on Thursday. I'm just saying, can you imagine how he'd feel?

Shah, pressed on the health concerns, dismissed suggestions the slurring signaled a deeper problem.

Appearing to struggle to get through the final part of his speech on Jerusalem, Trump had trouble getting out a number of words and lisped his way through as he expressed hopes for peace and state: "God bless the United Shtesh".

Trump released a clean bill of health from his longtime personal physician past year that was widely panned as laughable for lacking details and offering an over-the-top portrait of Trump's health.

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"As disturbing as it was today to watch Donald Trump add fuel to the Middle East conflict, it was even more disturbing to watch the conflict between Donald Trump's teeth and his tongue", "The Daily Show" host said.

"Oh man! He's slurring and stumbling over the words".

Although slurring can be caused by a number of reasons, such as a stroke or brain tumor, many internet users thought Trump was trying to prevent his dentures - if he wears any - from falling out.

"Because he's vain as hell", Noah said. "His dentures started falling out and he wouldn't be able to finish a sentence".

"The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert also played the clip of Trump's speech twice during his opening monologue, ABC News reported. "I am really looking forward to this January 30. We're live when Trump addresses a joint session of Congress for the "Shshh" of the Union". We need to know what's happening, people.

White House: Trump's throat 'was dry'