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Firefox for Fire TV negates Google's move to block YouTube access

22 December 2017

Google has also shown dislike for Amazon's policy of not selling Google products like Chromecast, Google Home, and Nest devices. A few weeks ago Google pulled their YouTube app from Amazon's Echo Show with no warning and now has announced plans to pull their app from the Fire TV.

So, while it's a stretch to say the retailer is planning a YouTube-like service, it sure does look like Amazon wants to provoke Google. Although the trademarks don't necessarily mean the company plans to launch a new service, it does suggest that the company may be, at the very least, considering doing so.

With Firefox, Fire TV users can simply load the YouTube site just as they would do on their PC and watch videos as usual, without requiring to download the app as well.

Amazon, on Wednesday, announced the rollout of Mozilla's Firefox and its own Silk browser for its Fire TV streaming platform.

Amazon has filed for AmazonTube trademark in its quest to rival YouTube.

The filings outline an app for "transmitting, accessing, receiving, uploading, downloading, encoding, decoding, streaming, broadcasting, sharing, displaying, formatting, manipulating, organizing, book marking, tagging, storing, caching, and transferring electronic works". That would probably land them in more trouble with Google. However, it might include video clips from YouTube.

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Amazon on Thursday rolled out Mozilla Firefox and Amazon Silk browsers on all Amazon Fire TV devices in over 100 countries and territories.

The e-commerce giant filed on December 5 for a trademark for a YouTube-like service called AmazonTube.

Sound familiar? Let's be honest: We all know what's going on here.

This does not necessarily suspend the problem regarding accessibility for Amazon Fire TV users. However, the final build was made available for select users in November this year.

Perhaps. Amazon is hardly starved for video content: The company already has a solid foothold in the video streaming space with its Amazon Video service.

This can quickly be done through the use of the Fire TV report as well.

Firefox for Fire TV negates Google's move to block YouTube access