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China's Huawei says flagship smartphone will not be sold by USA carriers

10 January 2018

"Huawei's philosophy is to always strive for innovation to deliver products that appeal to users around the world", said Pablo Ning President of Huawei Consumer Business Group Saudi Arabia.

Rumors have been brewing for some time now that Chinese phone maker Huawei will officially make its Mate 10 Pro flagship available in the United States through USA carriers.

Huawei appears to be committed to sell the Huawei Mate 10 Pro in the USA, but through the open channel. The company has repeatedly confirmed on their USA social media accounts that the new Mate smartphone would be unveiled on January 9. The Mate 10 Pro as well as Huawei's other phones will only be available as unlocked devices from various online stores like Amazon and from Huawei's own online store.

China's Huawei says flagship smartphone will not be sold by USA carriers

The original rumors about an AT&T sales channel to USA consumers in 2018 began with comments in December from a Huawei executive who promised additional details at the CES 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, which opened in Las Vegas on January 8. It's hard for any of us to determine the veracity of the alleged intelligence committee report without having seen the evidence, so ultimately it's up to you if you want to believe the report.

So far there is no sign that Huawei is trying to strike a handset sales deal with any of the other major US mobile carriers, such as T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint. National security leaders were anxious about potential backdoors being introduced into American telecommunications networks thanks to Huawei equipment, and National Security Agency director Michael Rogers and former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey personally spoke to AT&T executives to cancel the deal.

For many consumers it can be simpler to buy their smartphones directly from their mobile carriers where the handsets can be set up with a SIM card, data transfer services and related application services that make it easier to switch to a new phone brand. The Wall Street Journal and The Verge both reported that AT&T backed out of the deal for some unknown reason. The congress members were concerned that Huawei was closely tied to the Communist Party as well as to intelligence services in China. Huawei has denied these allegations for years now, but it looks like AT&T was unwilling to take the risk.

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China's Huawei says flagship smartphone will not be sold by USA carriers