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India likely to revive missile deal with Israel

14 January 2018

According to Carmon, though cooperation in agriculture and water were the highlights of Modi's visit to Israel in July past year, this time innovation will top the agenda. Its sum was greater than its parts.

The Israeli Prime Minister will surely speak of the dramatic growth in strategic cooperation and bilateral trade since India and Israel established full diplomatic relations nearly 26 years ago.

Apart from defense, agriculture and water management are other important areas in which the two countries are seeking to strengthen cooperation, according to the MEA.

And he will certainly pay homage to India's traditional respect for its small Jewish community, and commemorate the tragedy that befell it more than nine years ago, when a Jewish communal centre was among the targets of a Pakistani-based terrorist cell's attack on Mumbai.

Netanyahu's is the first prime ministerial visit from Israel to India since the visit of then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2003. They are allies, with common interests and common challenges.

Both India and Israel are eager to expand bilateral trade, from the present annual value of $4bn to $10bn by 2022.

There is still a possibility that the $500 million Indian deal for the purchase of 8,000 Spike antitank missiles from Israel, a deal that was cancelled by New Delhi barely days before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming trip to India, could be salvaged. Most longstanding USA allies, it must be noted, did not join with the United States and Israel that day in opposing the UN resolution.

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Israel and India also differ on China: Israel has welcomed the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative sponsored by China and is eager to participate in the development of networks in the region.

Thus, despite the bloated rhetoric by Rightwing elements on both sides, ties between Israel and India will remain transactional. It does not share India's concerns relating to expanding Chinese influence in South Asia and the Indian Ocean region. The prime minister went on to say, "I don't think the vote materially changes the recent flowering of relations between Israel and India, and everybody can see that".

Israel has become a major defence supplier to India, a strong security partner, a collaborator in the high-value diamond trade, and a provider of frontier technologies in agriculture, water, cybersecurity and innovation.

PM Modi's office had come up with the idea of joint road show with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was in Gujarat last September for a function to formally start work on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project.

Indian commitment to Palestinian aspirations is not only principled, it is also linked with India's core interests in that a large chunk of Indian territory in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is under illegal Pakistani occupation.

Carmon said that by the end of this month, there will be 22 centres of excellence set up with Israeli aid up and running across India. Last year, Israel's 26 Oscar nominees of Hollywood refused to travel to Israel. We are all democracies, sharing a common vision of pluralism, tolerance and equal opportunity.

India likely to revive missile deal with Israel