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Facebook to Switch Focus from Ads to People This Year

16 January 2018

He noted that these changes are part of other refinements the Facebook team has been making over the past year, including penalizing engagement bait and encouraging users to join groups.

‘As we roll this out, youll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.

He added that the idea behind the latest tweak is to enable people to have meaningful interactions when they are on the site.

Facebook was founded February 4, 2004 Zuckerberg and his three classmates during the training period at Harvard University.

Facebook's founder has embarked on a major shake-up of the social network which he says will result in people spending less time using the service.

According to Zuckerberg, the time spent on Facebook will go down, but "will be more valuable".

Zuckerberg acknowledged that the recent decision may bite deep into the viewership, but having happy customers will mean the business will thrive in the long term too.

Social media is a powerful tool for people of common interests to connect with each other, but as Obama points out "it's important for them to get offline, meet in a pub, meet at a place of worship, meet in a neighbourhood and get to know each other". Sensationalized, partisan or flat out bogus news stories mislead people.

McNamee said he noticed anti-Hillary Clinton memes spread by "bad actors" in early 2016 and flagged them to Facebook, which he said didn't take his concerns seriously. So you'll get yourself up to the top of way more feeds by making it easy1and obvious-for people to engage with you. It will happen again and again until Facebook takes aggressive action. That puts comments, or more specifically comment threads, in position to become the new share.

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Zuckerberg said in a live video on September 21: "I care deeply about the democratic process and protecting its integrity".

From the list of settings options, click on "News Feed Preferences".

The jury is still out on how seeing mostly exuberant posts from friends and family affects people over time.

So if users aren't benefiting from news on Facebook, and publishers' benefits are questionable as well, why not just exit news altogether?

Mosseri said Facebook will "continue to value publisher content".

The comments come after widespread media speculation about the impact of social media on how consumers perceive issues and society, and the potentially harmful effects of bogus news and extremist content in news feeds.

News outlets that have built a strong bond with readers and viewers through other means will be watching closely, to see whether the size of their audiences - and corresponding advertising dollars - will shrink in the coming months.

Why is McNamee publicly criticizing Facebook instead of talking to Zuckerberg, who he once mentored (he mentions that he counseled Zuckerberg when Yahoo made an offer to acquire Facebook, and that he recommended Sheryl Sandberg for the COO job)?

If you ask us, truth to tell it is mostly friends and family who share and propagate false and unverified chunks of news and information - mostly from garage brands and not from authentic media houses - making them go viral. The world of Facebook is so wide and varied that sometimes you can no longer see what a loved one close to us has " shared " with.

Facebook to Switch Focus from Ads to People This Year