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Goodell: No change expected with Redskins' name

01 February 2018

To that end, Goodell said, a group of players, coaches and officials met at the NFL's offices in NY in recent weeks, spending about three hours studying approximately 150 plays to attempt to determine what should and shouldn't be ruled a legal catch.

Goodell said White already has begun her investigation into Richardson, who, according to a Sports Illustrated article, paid settlements to at least four former employees because of inappropriate workplace comments and conduct, and used a racial slur when addressing a former Panthers scout. "I think here you might have clarity in a large element of it but what happens is that it's not the rule that people want".

"A lot of focus this offseason is going to be on the rulebook - the catch, no catch rule, officials are officiating that correctly", Goodell said.

While Goodell would not reveal exactly how the rule might be changed, he did say the competition committee would keep in mind that "fans want catches".

"I think our officiating is outstanding. We as a league do not get involved with that in any way". "But I believe we can get to a much better place".

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When asked on ESPN's Golic & Wingo show (h/t's John Keim) about Snyder potentially budging from his stance on keeping the Redskins' name, Goodell said, "I don't see him changing that perspective".

"I think it's reflected mostly in a Washington Post poll that came out (in May 2016) that said over nine out of 10 Native Americans do not take that in a negative fashion, the Redskins" logo or the Redskins' name, and they support it. "As a Native American, do you find that name offensive, or doesn't it bother you?"

After the Indians announced their decision Monday, the Change the Mascot campaign issued a statement by Oneida Nation representative Ray Halbritter wanting the Redskins to follow suit.

Goodell said during his annual Super Bowl address Wednesday that teams "have to make their own decisions as far as who's on their roster". Somethings sadly look like they'll never change. "It's a market we would like to stay in and we hope that the franchise owner that is eventually selected will have that view".

Goodell: No change expected with Redskins' name