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Kansas City Chiefs players make it clear they'll miss Alex Smith

01 February 2018

With the Browns, Giants, Broncos and Jets all in need of a new face at the position, it's been widely assumed the Bears will land a top-five caliber player at No. 8 overall. There are plenty of teams with talent that can match the Kansas City Chiefs but are struggling to find consistency at quarterback.

You have to wonder whether Smith's desire to go to a Super Bowl-ready (or at least playoff-ready) team was a factor in the Chiefs' decision to not send him to Cleveland.

The Chiefs jettisoned Smith in favor of 2017 first-round pick Pat Mahomes.

If Kirk Cousins comes to the AFC West, the Denver Broncos could again become favorites to win the division now with the Chiefs trading Smith. Kansas City also saves $17 million in cap space by moving Smith. There were speculations Washington will franchise tag the 29-year-old quarterback for the third time, but it is now confirmed the parties have agreed to go into different directions, ESPN reported.

Except for one fact, which Smith made clear Tuesday on the Dan Patrick Show: Given his druthers, Smith preferred to play for a team that could win sooner than later.

Until that happens, the West is up for grabs.

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The energy that they brought, it's a good upgrade to the staff. "People want to find things wrong with the top football players". The Broncos - a franchise in which its greatest success has come with elite quarterbacks - have long touted their "Plan A".

The trade means that the Redskins will not have to ponder using a third straight franchise-player tag to retain Cousins, a maneuver that this time would have resulted in a one-year deal worth close to $34.5 million. Winning franchises can afford to continue drafting quarterbacks and flipping them for useful assets so long as there is someone capable remaining on the roster taking snaps.

Cousins is looking for a victor and while the Jets did go a disappointing 5-11 in 2017, NY has a lot to offer Cousins if he were to come to the Big Apple.

The Browns possess the top overall selection in a quarterback-rich National Football League draft that includes top prospects such as USC's Sam Darnold, UCLA's Josh Rosen, Wyoming's Josh Allen and Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield. Smith's previous contract with the Chiefs was originally set to expire at the end of the 2018 season. There are a number of teams desperate for quarterbacks this offseason, and the favourites are likely to be the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos.

Cousins has been the biggest question hovering over Washington's offseason - and, indeed, hovering over the whole organization for a couple of years as the team failed to sign him to a long-term deal.

There are rumblings that Jacksonville will bring back Blake Bortles on his $19 million fifth-year option, but wouldn't they be better off with Cousins? It's all hypothetical, but a run on quarterbacks early on Day 1 could alter the type of player who gets to 14. It's probably safe to assume that new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll would love to get his hands on Cousins. He's 50-26 the past five years for Kansas City. Wow.

Kansas City Chiefs players make it clear they'll miss Alex Smith