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Upcoming PlayStation 4 update includes play time management

07 February 2018

PlayStation 4's latest major update has just rolled out and it brings all new features along with it.

Play Time Management allows adults that have guardian privileges on the system to set time limits on how long children can play the console. The kid will get notifications, so they know how long they have to save their game before playtime is over. "The family managers/guardians can also set the PS4 to log out once the playtime session is over, and increase or decrease game time on the go, via the web portal".

Library UI changes: A new tab called "This PS4" will show every application installed to the system, and then a tab with the user's name and avatar will show all of the games and applications they have acquired from PlayStation Network - again, to help users better manage and understand their application libraries. In addition, you'll be able to hide apps such as demos, betas etc with the Hide Apps option.

While most of these features in Update 5.50 will be seen as solid improvements to the PS4, it's likely a lot of fans will argue that Sony still has some work to do.

Custom wallpaper had been implemented to some extent previously, but 5.50 allows you to import any image via USB to apply as your background. You can zoom and crop the image before saving it as your background, so no need to fiddle with dimensions or resolution beforehand. This is accomplished via a new USB storage device option on the Themes area of the Settings menu. You can still get a visual boost by enabling supersampling mode in Settings. If you're a longtime subscriber, there's a good chance you've racked up an unwieldy number of games that add clutter to your game library.

With the launch of 5.50, you'll be able to access custom friends' lists directly from the Quick Menu.

While the new tabs are welcomed, the feature I'm personally most excited for is the ability to hide applications under the "Purchased" tab in the library.

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Whenever you're listening to music on PS4, you'll be able to access certain shortcuts from the Quick Menu. Music controls for Spotify, the media player and USB music player apps are coming to the quick menu.

As covered earlier, PS4 Pro supersampling is now also supported via the new firmware.

"Please note performance will vary, as games are optimised differently to take advantage of the power of the PS4 Pro".

Finally, Sony details the supersampling mode coming for PlayStation 4 Pro owners.

This is a long-awaited improvement: you can now permanently remove old notifications from your PS4.

It looks like these measures, which include offering a plethora of AAA games month after month on PS4, have worked: subscribers have risen about 2.7% since last quarter.

Upcoming PlayStation 4 update includes play time management