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Nest Makes Return To Google Mothership For AI-Infused Smart Home Devices

09 February 2018

Based on the announcement, Nest's products will likely soon function with Google Home assistant and its other artificial intelligence products. The e-commerce company has managed to grab the lead by offering affordable AI solutions with the Alexa-Echo combo approach, which Google has to match by packaging Nest products, the Google Home smart devices, and its Google Assistant as the more compelling alternatives. Nest products are frequently used in combination with digital assistants such as the Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa.

Several years ago, Google acquired Nest, a company that specialized in smart and connected home devices like thermostats, smoke detectors, and so on.

He was also quoted in an interview with CNET where he said, "All of Google's investments in machine learning and AI, they can very clearly benefit Nest products".

It certainly makes sense for Nest to merge with Google's hardware group, especially since the two are already working together.

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Now, though, Google has announced that it will be consolidating its Nest and Google Hardware teams to work on smart home technology.

One of the key bonuses could be a unified approach to putting AI into products, with all devices working off the same technology and being developed (and working) in tandem. "We've leveraged AI capabilities from Google in the past, especially in the computer vision space and facial recognition", Fawaz told CNET.

The move will see the two join forces to "combine hardware, software and services", read an excerpt of a post on Google's blog. Together with the Nest team and our partners, we've helped save over 19 billion kWh of energy, helped save a number of lives - both human and pets - with Nest Protect, and helped families feel more safe at home with Nest Secure and Nest Cam. Fawaz said that Nest has shipped around 11 million products since its founding in 2011.

The integration with Google doesn't make clearer what role energy efficiency will play in Nest's future business.

Nest Makes Return To Google Mothership For AI-Infused Smart Home Devices