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Google Wants To Bring Smart Replies To More Chat Apps

14 February 2018

It added: "Reply puts the Smart Reply you may know from Google right into notifications from the chat apps you use most often". A few other apps have implemented it as well, like Android Messages, but usually not in notifications. The "slightly smarter" part of the promise is that it will, for example, be able to calculate time taken to reach home by analyzing your location. Do you wish a robot could free you of your constant communication obligations via WhatsApp, Facebook or text messages? Report suggests that Reply app could be used only those who use third party-keyboard other and not Google's Gboard.

It should be noted that Android Messages, as mentioned, has already received Smart Reply support.

Reply, when rolled out, will be integrated with individual applications and will operate without a standalone app.

In an email that was sent out to individuals signed up for Area 120's Early Access Program, Reply is said to work with Hangouts, Allo, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, Skype, Slack, and even Twitter DMs.

The Reply app is from Area 120, a group at Google focused on quickly iterated experimental products that the public are able to test. There's also an automated Vacation Responder that is able to check the user's calendar and tell people that the user is now not at work.

Reply will also have an auto-responder, plus a "do not disturb" mode for those times when you're on holiday, or driving. An example would be receiving messages while driving; using your phone's Global Positioning System and Bluetooth sensors, Smart Reply would know you are in your vehicle.

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"You probably get a lot of chat messages".

The project, like all Area 120 projects, is unrelated to any broader developments at Google - in this case, that means it's not directly tied to Google's messaging efforts.

For example, if you are replying to an email that includes the phrase "Is Tuesday good for you?"

The idea behind the project sounds promising.

Smart Reply is an AI-based feature that runs within the app.

Google's Smart Reply, introduced in 2016, uses the firm's neural network to intelligently analyse a message's content to suggest an appropriate response.

Google Wants To Bring Smart Replies To More Chat Apps