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Iraqi court sentences 16 to death over Daesh links

01 March 2018

Sixteen Turkish women were sentenced to death in Iraq because membership in the Islamic State terrorist organization, Reuters and TASS reported, referring to the judiciary.

On February 22, Arabic-language al-Sumaria television network quoted Iraq's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Mahjoub as saying that Iraqi authorities had extradited four women and 27 children from the families of ISIS Takfiri terrorists to Russian officials.

According to the Judge of the Central Criminal Court, Abdul-Sattar al-Birkar, the declaration was made when it was proved that women are associated with ISIS terrorists or they got married to terrorists with their own will and helped them in the deadly attacks. The suspects claimed to have been tricked into joining ISIS militants.

Human-rights groups say harsh sentences have been handed down after unfair trials.

Baghdad's central court sentenced an unnamed German woman in January to death for traveling to Syria with her two children to join ISIS.

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In June 2017, nearly three years to the day since Isis crossed over the border from Syria to seize Iraq's second city Mosul in a surprise attack, US-backed Iraqi coalition forces declared the Iraqi half of Isis' so-called caliphate destroyed.

"Iraqi security officers are routinely denying relatives of suspected ISIS members the security clearance needed to obtain identity cards and other documents, " HRW said.

The New York-based rights watchdog said in a statement that without proper documentation these individuals cannot move freely in fear of arrest, nor can they apply for jobs or welfare benefits. "The Iraqi courts need to redirect their priorities".

Biraqdar said the woman, whose identity was not disclosed, had confessed during investigations that she traveled from Germany to Syria and then to Iraq, because she had a strong belief in ISIS.

Since the Iraqi military announced in December 2017 that the nation was "fully liberated" of ISIS, the government has faced the dilemma of prosecuting former ISIS members.

Iraqi court sentences 16 to death over Daesh links