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US, Britain, France, Germany condemn Iran, warn to stop arming Houthi militia

02 March 2018

"In spite of a mountain of credible, independent evidence showing Iran violated the Yemen arms embargo, resulting in a series of attacks on civilian targets, Russian Federation prevented accountability and endangered the entire region".

After the Security Council voted on Monday, Iran's mission to the United Nations accused the United States and Britain of misusing the council "to advance their political agenda and put the blame of all that happens in Yemen on Iran".

"We can not concur with uncorroborated conclusions and evidence which requires verification and discussions within the sanctions committee", Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told the council.

A group of United Nations experts monitoring the sanctions on Yemen reported to the Security Council in January that it had "identified missile remnants, related military equipment and military unmanned aerial vehicles that are of Iranian origin and were brought into Yemen after the imposition of the targeted arms embargo".

The Western powers made no mention of the Russian veto but expressed "grave concerns" about the panel's findings on Iran, and noted its warning that the Houthis' firing of missiles into Saudi Arabia "has the potential to turn a local conflict into a broader regional one".

More than 100 Houthi rebels were killed in Yemen on Thursday in strikes by the Arab coalition fighting on behalf of the internationally recognised government.

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Iran lashed out at the United States and the United Kingdom for covering war crimes committed by Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

Yemen relies heavily on food imports and is on the brink of starvation. Iran has denied supplying the Houthis weapons.

After the start of Saudi bombings of the Yemeni people, Iran proposed a four-point peace plan, which included an immediate ceasefire, the dispatch of humanitarian assistance, Yemeni-Yemeni negotiation and formation of an inclusive government, he stated.

The US administration maintains that Iran is not living up to its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal, which President Donald Trump has criticised as the "worst ever".

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US, Britain, France, Germany condemn Iran, warn to stop arming Houthi militia