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YouTube stopped hiring white men in attempt to boost diversity, lawsuit claims

03 March 2018

The lawsuit claims YouTube recruiters previous year were told not to interview applicants who weren't black, female, or Hispanic, and to "purge entirely" applications from potential employees who didn't fit those categories.

In a lawsuit, Arne Wilberg, a former recruiter at YouTube (and white male), stated that the parent company, Google, had established quotas for hiring underrepresented minorities to push the hiring of the underrepresented minorities, according to The Wall Street Journal. Wilberg claims that Google implemented "clear and irrefutable policies" meant to exclude white and Asian men in an attempt to increase the company's overall diversity.

Google says they will fight the lawsuit and their hiring processes favour the merit of the candidates over their identities. This week, Loretta Lee, a female software engineer who worked at Google for seven years before she was sacked in 2016, filed a lawsuit against the company alleging that she was routinely sexually harassed at Google, and that the company did not intervene.

A former YouTube employee has sued Google for allegedly pressuring recruiters to only look for female, black, and Hispanic or Latinx applicants. For example, in the first quarter of 2016, recruiters were expected to hire five new employees each, all of them from underrepresented groups, the lawsuit alleges. It's also alleged that management deleted emails and other digital records of diversity requirements a year ago.

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Wilberg said that in 2016 and 2017, he and his fellow recruiters were told on several occasions to approve or dismiss job candidates based exclusively on whether they were women, black or Latino.

The company also "had a practice of systematically discriminating against older engineers in its hiring practices", according to the suit.

The complaint contends that in response to Wilberg's efforts to challenge the diversity scheme, Google "on occasion would circulate emails instructing its employees purge any and all references to the race/ gender quotas from its e-mail database in a transparent effort to wipe out any paper trail of Google's illegal practices". Ever since, it has faced mounting pressure to improve diversity at workplace, and leave Asian and White male candidates behind. This system was later deleted by the company, Wilberg claims.

YouTube stopped hiring white men in attempt to boost diversity, lawsuit claims