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Chinese Communist Party approved a new package of reforms in the country

04 March 2018

The White House said no final decision had been made.

Noting the unanimous passage of the bill through Congress, the Communist Party newspaper Global Times said that reflected "growing nationalist sentiment in the the face of China's rise". Control of the state, which grants him the title of president, is arguably the least important of the three. Action against American companies or goods would compete for attention with the National People's Congress, which the ruling Communist Party uses to showcase its economic plans. They serve five-year terms.

How can he lead the PRC into becoming "a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful" in a new era, when he is, in some key respects, bringing it back to the bad old days of one-man rule that still haunt many Chinese today?

The move is significant because if Wang does not retire, that would set a precedent for Xi, now 64, to stay in power after he reaches what is normally considered retirement age.

Mr. Xi's decision speaks to both his strengths and weaknesses. If he steps down from the presidency, many of those enemies would look forward to settling scores.

Although they didn't openly voice their views, privately many other Chinese, including party members and intellectuals, probably share such apprehensions. China has sought to dispel the West's image of it as a rival power.

Blocked terms are said to include "my emperor", "ascend the throne", and even "board a plane".

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In the latest edition of search engine blocks, a report via SkyNews suggests that terms such as "I object", "proclaimed king", "tenure system" and "Winnie the Pooh" has been banned.

This means the constitution is being forcibly changed to allow Xi to oversee his grand vision. Nobody has ever accused the Chinese of being less than subtle.

Xi took power in 2012, which was followed by his vow to restore China to its former glory among the superpowers of the world.

Xi's real power rests on two other roles comprising "the trinity system". When Deng Xiaoping emerged from the succession struggle that arose after Mao's death - eventually outmaneuvering Mao's handpicked successor Hua Guofeng - Deng built a political consensus to support his economic changes that emphasized the need for limits on time in office, as well as what has often been termed "collective leadership". "After 40 years of reforms, things have become more blurred", said a policy insider.

Meanwhile, China's Ministry of Commerce also released a lengthy statement on its website, condemning USA "wrongdoings" and likewise vowing that China will "take necessary measures".

All of this has been legitimized by a cult of personality that would have been unthinkable under Xi's deliberately bland and harmless-seeming predecessors.

The thoughts of two of Xi's predecessors were mentioned in the Constitution but not their names. Scores of lawyers have been detained. In China itself, Xi has vamped up the military and modernized the economy by investing in technologies of the future such as e-mobility and artificial intelligence. He has dispatched Chinese naval vessels into disputed territories in the East China Sea, prosecuted border disputes with Japan and India, bullied Taiwan and South Korea, and built artificial islands in the South China Sea meant to become military bases. She also noted the steel and aluminum industry in North America is highly integrated and said the Canadian government will continue to make that point directly with the Trump administration.

Chinese Communist Party approved a new package of reforms in the country