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Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 content available now

08 March 2018

Players that engage in toxic behaviour in-game could face either a two day, seven day, 15 day, or permanent ban, depending on the severity of their behaviour.

From this week, Rainbow Six Siege is launching improvements to its chat toxicity ban system, which bans players who use "racial and homophobic slurs, or hate speech" while they're playing the game.

The developer went on to write that it will be tracking the frequency of language that violates the Code of Conduct.

In addition to the ejections, global messages will be displayed when a user is banned for toxicity - a virtual public flogging so to speak.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 content, including Operation Chimera, two new Operators and the limited time Outbreak mode are now live.

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Hate speech and abusing has been a traditional part of online and multiplayer gaming which has made life hard for millions of players. Players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will continue to be subject to Sony and Microsoft's own codes of conduct. In response to popular YouTuber Macie Jay's tweet about possible bans, Robinson said that the developer is in the process of testing new methods to ban toxic players.

Ubisoft has announced in its Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege subreddit that they will be implementing a new system of banning players based on their behavior, starting next week.

It is of interesting note that players that are banned will be globally broadcast across channels in the game, seemingly like parading the offender about for all to see, but this type of shaming could be a positive step in deterrance for all forms of toxicity. Every day numerous players get reported on using hate speech.

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Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 content available now