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New Info for Mario Tennis Aces

10 March 2018

We'll be here updating you all with any news that comes out. If you want to check out everything else Nintendo announced last night, you'll find all the news in one place right here. The Wii U's stunted life cycle and limited appeal meant that not almost as many people got their hands on the latest entry in the popular franchise as would have if it came out on the Switch instead. A new Bowser Jr. story tells the tale through his eyes. Detective Pikachu is slated to release March23rd 2018. Nintendo has promised details forwhen the tournament will be held soon, so get your practice in while you can. First up, Kirby Star Allies will be jumping onto the Switch later next week. A free demo is also available for the game now.

"South Park" The Fractured But Whole is coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 24.

Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido is coming to Switch.

Octopath Traveler also got a wealth of announcements. As a countermeasure, there's a new blocking move that lets opponents hit Zone Shots without hurting their rackets, it just requires precise timing.

Jobs in battle can be equipped specifically for fights. It will be released for the Switch and 3DS on July 13.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is a top down action game that has Travis Touchdown of No More Heroes fame exploring the world in a gaming console known as the Death Drive Mark II.

Each game has a boss at the end. One thing we do know is that it has a release date sometime in 2018. Zone shots only use part of your energy gauge, but they allow you to target parts of the court more precisely, opening up some truly filthy angles. The game and Solaire amiibo will be available May 25.

Playstyle categories were also revealed in the presentation. The redeeming of coins can be done through the e-shop or through the official Nintendo website.

The only game Nintendo confirmed for today's Nintendo Direct is Mario Tennis Aces. Zone shots are a way to slow down time to aim before you shoot, and are used by depleting your character's special meter.

No single shot is capable of guaranteeing you a point or winning outright, though.

Tommy Lee accuses adult son of assault
We're told Tommy shot back at Brandon , asking him why's he's upset by this but not upset that Pam accused him of abuse. Lee's fiancé Furlan later Tweeted , "Violence is NEVER the answer".

Mario Tennis Aces will be available for Switch on June 22.

Mario Tennis Aces can be enjoyed with up to four players both locally and online.

Players will be able to use the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller for standard controls but will also be able to swing the Joy-Cons and use motion controls should they choose.

Captian Toad's Treasure Tracker from the Wii U is being ported to Switch. The game will launch July 13.

Super Smash Bros. for Switch announced.

Release date is July 10.

It doesn't stop there because, for those who like horror, the creepy visual eye candy Little Nightmares: Complete Edition, an advanced puzzle platforming delight will have players be one of six kids and will include eight chapters, and will be released may 19th. You can also have a Pac Man outfit by tapping the Pac Man Amiibo. The title launches May 18. The game will have a network test allowing people to play the game. If you haven't tried out this fighter, then your chance to try it for free will be coming on March 31st 2018.

ARMS is getting a new US & Canada Online Open tournament. There's online multiplayer in the game. This mainly showed off some new controllable characters, including fan favourites Rick and King Dedede.

Rank X is coming and is a rank higher than Rank S+. Callie will also appear in the Octo Canyon if certain conditions are met. In this DLC, playable Octolings will be available for play. After playing the expansion, you can play as octolings.

So what did you think of this Nintendo Direct?

New Info for Mario Tennis Aces