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Deputy's quick action stopped Maryland school shooter

22 March 2018

Authorities said a 16-year-old female student is fighting for her life in intensive care at Prince George's Hospital Center.

Blaine Gaskill, a St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office deputy with SWAT training who had been positioned at Great Mills High School since the beginning of the school year, immediately responded after being alerted of the shooting, officials said.

"DFC [Deputy First Class] Gaskill fired at the shooter. nearly simultaneously as the shooter fired", Cameron said.

Tuesday's shooting erupted at Great Mills High School in southern Maryland, about 60 miles south of the nation's capital.

"He had to cover significant ground", Cameron said. "As to how that shaped this event, we'll have to determine". Around 7:55 a.m., a 16-year-old girl, and a 14-year-old boy were shot in Hallway F. Jaelynn Willey remains in critical condition at a hospital. Gunman killed The shooter was injured and taken to the hospital, where he later died, officials said at a news conference.

The Sheriff said that there were no pre-incident signs that show Rollins would have been a part of a school shooting, but they are searching his home for evidence. They said they didn't want to be alone.

After gunfire rang out at Maryland's Great Mills High School on Tuesday, Representative Roger Williams (R-Texas) said he believes that his school security bill could prevent similar incidents. The shooter fired a round, too, authorities. Simultaneously the shooter fired a round as well. It is not yet clear whether Rollins died from the officer's bullet or killed himself.

Police say a 17-year-old boy used his father's gun in an attack at his Maryland high school.

After the press conference, spoke with Great Mills High School Principal Jake Heibel. Police said they obtained a search warrant that led to them finding semi-automatic rifles, handguns and other weapons, along with ammunition.

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"School is supposed to be a place of fun and joy and learning, but we are seeing all too often that they have become a place of anxiety for some students".

"Our hearts and prayers are with those impacted, and our deep appreciation goes out to the first responders", she wrote on Twitter. "I'm so exhausted I'm so exhausted".

"If you don't think this [can] happen at your school, you are sadly mistaken", said Smith.

Great Mills High School will be closed Wednesday.

They have organized an event on Saturday called "March For Our Lives", which is expected to attract large crowds in USA cities, with the main event in Washington.

A student who said his name was Jonathan Freese said in a telephone interview on CNN that he had been on lockdown with classmates for almost an hour, but he did not hear gunshots himself.

Mikki Braley, 14, was among more than 100 Great Mills students who walked out of class last week. In the trying days and weeks ahead, we will come together to provide comfort, to assist, and to help the community heal. Mass demonstrations are expected this weekend in Washington, D.C., in favor of stricter gun regulations, a protest organized by Parkland shooting survivors.

Julie Yingling says there have been no fatalities in the Tuesday morning shooting at Great Mills High School. And "to stop a bad guy with a gun", as NRA head Wayne Lapierre said, "it takes a good guy with a gun". They are disrupting the status quo and proving a catalyst for change in our national and local conversations about the society we are, and more importantly, about the society we need to become.

Deputy's quick action stopped Maryland school shooter