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YouTube to simplify live streaming with shortcut in your phone's camera app

22 March 2018

In an attempt to ensure that many people are subscribing to its new streaming service, YouTube is reportedly increasing the advertisements that will pop up in between music videos.

YouTube became the latest battleground in the USA gun control debate this week by quietly introducing tighter restrictions on videos involving weapons.

"There's a lot more people in our funnel that we can frustrate and seduce to become subscribers", Cohen said of the potential for transforming free listeners into paying customers. It is now very easy to build up a playlist and listen for several hours without encountering too many advertisements, but that will soon change. The new service, which is already being used by thousands of Google employees, will "frustrate and seduce" users of YouTube's free service.

Google continues to improve YouTube's livestreaming features after having announced auto-captions and new chat features just last month.

Cohen also straightforwardly confirmed that YouTube is planning to "smoke out" users who can afford to pay a subscription and and make them do so with the new service.

In 2017, ad revenue from music streaming services accounted for less than 10 percent of music industry revenue in the United States.

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YouTube Director onsite works by connecting area businesses with YouTube-approved filmmakers, who will schedule call with the advertiser to learn about the business and help them to write a script.

YouTube has tried to sell its users paid music services in the past, with little to show for it. "Everyone is drunk on the growth of subscription".

To trigger the floating window, simply start playback of a video and then navigate away from it while remaining on YouTube. This enables developers to allow their Android apps to initiate a YouTube live stream with a single-tap action. A company using the service is only charged when the ads are engaged.

It's hard to say whether YouTube's livestreaming efforts have been successful so far. Cohen is a 30 year veteran of the record business and previously worked at Warner Music Group before joining YouTube in 2016.

So much for changing the music industry's mind about YouTube.

YouTube to simplify live streaming with shortcut in your phone's camera app