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Know the symptoms and treatments of the airborne disease

24 March 2018

Although rates of TB in Canada are among the lowest in the world, TB remains an important public health issue here at home for Indigenous peoples, in particular Inuit, and individuals born in countries with a high incidence of TB.

World Tuberculosis Day is observed on March 24 every year to help spread awareness about the disease, communicate prevention measures as well as to commemorate efforts undertaken against the disease. Following the successful WHO Ministerial Conference in Moscow and the upcoming United Nations high-level meeting in September 2018, world leaders seem more committed than ever to tackle the TB epidemic.

Scientific estimates suggest India has almost 28 lakh TB patients, out of which only 18 lakhs are accounted for either in the government programme or as known private sector cases.

He said for NCD, it will be celebrated on today March 23 because the actual date falls on a Saturday.

In addition to observing World Tuberculosis Day, Gallagher said, the New Mexico Department of Health's Tuberculosis TeleECHO Clinic and Project ECHO at UNM are observing the third anniversary of their partnership using telehealth to improve access to high-quality TB care throughout the state.

TB is one of the top 10 causes of death in the world.

TB is spread from person to person through the air.

Christchurch Bridge in Caversham will be lit up with red lights this weekend to support the fight against tuberculosis (TB). The complete course of TB treatment is minimum 6 months.

Putin, Trump discuss potential meeting
President Donald Trump didn't congratulate Vladimir Putin on his re-election as president. British officials have blamed the nerve agent attack on Russian Federation .

While the Indian government has given itself an ambitious target and taken several steps to reach it, including jail terms for doctors, hospitals and chemists if they fail to report TB cases, the country is facing the threat of rise in multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB).

In India, over 1300 people die of TB every day.

A large number of drug-resistant TB cases have been witnessed due to late diagnosis and lack of awareness of secondary infections continues, say medicos. The battle against TB is one of the most expensive one.

Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection spread through coughing and is a major health problem nearly everywhere in the world.

We are aiming to do this by identifying what genes are switched on or off following exposure to TB - we test the blood transcriptome of children to see what genes are activated and follow our patients for 2 years afterwards.

"Children can not be diagnosed with TB through the sputum technique as they swallow it generally".

A type of bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes the disease.

Providing standardized treatment with supervision and support from adherence counselors in the most affected areas of the country. In recent years, the anti-vaccine advocacy groups have influenced scores of parents to disallow their children from being vaccinated with even the most essential childhood vaccines. The symptoms of tuberculosis are weakness, sudden loss of weight, fever, and night sweats.

Know the symptoms and treatments of the airborne disease