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Teen Who Body-Slammed Woman At Florida Pool Turns Himself In


The report said James had her cellphone and house alarm key fob in her pocket when she was thrown in the pool. An unidentified man then picks the first woman up and proceeds to drop her on her side before tossing her into the pool. The footage, captured by one of the party-goers, appears to have been filmed in the US. "It was a very cruel thing what that kid did", she said. An estimated 200 people were attending the party, majority kids. Read More »

School students clash with security forces in Kashmir


The students were demanding action against security personnel who allegedly roughed up students during the ongoing protests and the release of their arrested schoolmates. "About a dozen students fainted and received minor bruises", the SSP said. Hundreds of vehicles Monday stranded on Magam Beerwah road in Budgam district after students of different private schools held a protest and blocked the road at Aripanthan against the detention of a 6th class student by Indian police. Read More »

Ontario hopes its new youth pharmacare plan spurs national program


The budget indicates $1.3 billion of the new funding will be dedicated to reducing wait times over the next three years. TORONTO-The Ontario government is adding billions to the provincial debt with its 2017 budget, released today, and has failed to respond adequately to the daunting fiscal challenges still facing the province. Read More »

Deluge moves Relay for Life to LHS stadium


Cancer survivors are invited to an honorary dinner from 5:30 to 6 p.m. Lynn Husted, who is coordinating the Relay For Life for Lamar County, said the Sumrall High Football Field will be full. Cancer research is the number one use of the money raised. "So there was no way to commemorate her loss and I thought this was a good way to do it without her this year". Read More »

Target Stores Getting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Decorations

That said, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is still selling strongly. The right and left Joy-Con each connect as individual controllers to the console, so if you connect both of them wirelessly then it counts as 2 controllers. While the game has gotten a couple of updates here and there, for the most part it is still largely the same with nothing major being introduced, save for now. Read More »

Lawmakers approve Holcomb's call for appointed state schools chief

But the deal they reached only gets them part of the way there and doesn't address all of the state's transportation funding needs, which are estimated at $2 billion in new revenue a year. Aim CEO Matt Greller said in a statement that the overall measure accomplishes Aim's goal to pass a long-term road funding strategy for local communities. Read More »

Huge indeed: $107 million in donations for Trump's inaugural

One of the largest checks came from one of Trump's earliest financial benefactors: Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who contributed $5 million. Presidential inaugural committees have traditionally been a way for major donors to express their support for a new administration - and for donors who backed a president's rivals during the campaign to make amends. Read More »

Oilers look to make it 3 straight over Sharks

The Sharks have managed only three goals in the series and none since Melker Karlsson scored 3:22 into overtime of Game 1. For the first time since picking up a knee injury on April 2, Joe Thornton is in the lineup for the San Jose Sharks . Read More »

Bale out of Bayern return, Lewandowski back


Defending champion Madrid defeated Bayern 2-1 last week in Munich. "We are not going to change the way we play, but Lewandowski is a player that scores a lot of goals and having him back gives us a lot of confidence". Bayern boss Carlo Ancelotti confirmed the Poland striker, who has 15 goals in his last 11 club games, would play, telling a press conference: "Lewandowski is okay". Read More »

US, Mexico,Canada announce joint bid for World Cup 2026

Soccer Sunil Gulati president said earlier in the day that no decision had been made over which country would get that honor. A return to North America, with 60 games in the U.S. That change came in the wake of allegations of wrongdoing surrounding Qatar's successful bid for the 2022 event, in which the tiny, oil-rich nation beat out proposals from the U.S., Japan and South Korea. Read More »

Westbrook breaks Robertson's record for triple-doubles


In true Russ fashion, this wasn't the only huge moment that the Brodie dropped in this game. And the last of those points came at the death as the Thunder snatched a 106-105 victory - eliminating Denver from play-off contention in the process. Read More »

Chechnya gay concentration camp horror


According to various reports in the world, at least 100 homosexual men have been rounded up in Chechnya and are being held at a former military camp. The Russian LGBT Network issued a strongly-worded (yet fear-filled) statement in response to the reports of kidnapping and detentions. The Chechen government won't admit that gay men even exist in Chechnya, let alone that they ordered what the police call "preventive mopping up" of people they consider to be undesirable. Read More »

Gambia's Barrow Wins Easy Majority in Parliamentary Vote


Five seats are to be appointed by President Adama Barrow, totalling 58 spots in the small west African nation's parliament. The vote was the first time Gambians had gone to the polls since President Yahya Jammeh stepped down in January after 22 years as head of state. Read More »

Is the sky blue? Depends on what Donald Trump says


Elway said the poll indicates "energy among the Trump opposition". According to the poll, 62 percent of Americans believe that the media favors one party over the other, while only 27 percent believe it favors neither party. The belief that the media favors Democrats stems mostly from Republicans and may be the result of a continued animus between the two parties, as well as a tendency among conservatives to accuse the media of a liberal bias. Read More »

Girl found living with monkeys in Indian forest


The girl was rescued by a police officer in the Katarniya Ghat forest area. She was surrounded by monkeys and when he tried to take her along with him, they started attacking him. "She behaves like an ape and screams loudly if doctors try to reach out to her", said Dr DK Singh, chief medical superintendent, Bahraich District Hospital, adding that her behaviour is making her treatment hard. Read More »

Put your phone away! Distracted driving crackdown begins Monday


When driving on Colorado roads, there is a good chance there's a distracted driver, according to a survey by the Colorado Department of Transportation. Several studies have shown that many of us believe that distracted drivers now pose a greater threat to our safety than drunk drivers. In Wichita Falls, there is a hands-free ordinance in effect that forbids drivers from using their cell phones, unless they are using a hands-free device while driving. Read More »

Walter Mazzarri wants Watford to maintain standards as relegation fears ease


But his lone resistance could not prevent Watford recording their first win in five matches, a result that put daylight between the Hornets and the relegation zone. We had a few to defend and we just don't see the job through. They have got to produce and they have got to perform as well. We'll keep going, and we'll keep trying to pick up the points. Read More »

Australia floodwaters still rising, police search for missing


Lismore resident Zach Miller told The Huffington Post Australia that it was the biggest flood he has ever witnessed since moving to the area with his wife two years ago. River levels in some threatened communities are continuing to rise, even on a low tide, when they should be starting to drop, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Commissioner Mike Wassing said. Read More »

Sen. Warren warns health care fight not over after ACHA defeat


I mean, one of the ways that the system has been stabilized is by requiring people to have health insurance somehow, and that has expanded the pool of people in the system. Vt., called it "a major victory" after House Speaker Paul Ryan , R-Wis., announced Friday afternoon that he was pulling the bill, which would have repealed much of President Obama's Affordable Care Act and which failed to garner enough support. Read More »

Kansas unemployment rate ticks down to 4.0%

The labor force was also up for the month at 416,384, an increase of 1.6 percent from when it totaled 409,691 a year before. South Carolina's unemployment rate has remained unchanged as the number of people working in the state has risen. Read More »

DNA 'mistakes' cause most cancers


Copying mistakes were linked to 77 per cent of pancreatic cancers but only 35 per cent of lung cancers, which were mostly triggered by smoking and other environmental factors. "With so numerous mutations caused by R, the internal enemies, one of the best strategies is to nip their attacks in the bud", Vogelstein said during a press conference announcing the results. Read More »

Second outbreak of bird flu confirmed in Middle Tennessee


The company operating the Giles County farm is different from the breeder facility located in Lincoln County that was confirmed on Sunday to have the high pathogenic strain of the (H7N9 HPAI) avian flu. The H7 avian influenza found can be deadly to both chickens as well as turkeys. In light of the recent outbreaks, Barron County Emergency Services is urging all poultry owners to increase their biosecurity efforts on their farms, regardless of size. Read More »

Goa Assembly election exit poll results 2017


While the actual results will not be out till Saturday, the exit polls usually (though not always) can be an indicator of which party will storm to power. India TV-CVoter: BJP likely to finish on top in Manipur . CNN-News18-Gramener projected 25 seats for the BJP and 24 for the Congress. The states' election results are set to be declared tomorrow. Read More »

'Spring Forward': 5 Things to Know About Daylight Saving Time


It's a practice that has been followed for a long time, but there also is increasing resistance to it. States have the right to opt out of the time change. Filene owned a chain of department stores and hoped that more daylight at the end of the day would encourage shopping. Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00 a.m. Read More »

Residents puzzled to find tap water running pink


CTV reports that the mayor of the town, which is about an hour northwest of Edmonton, issued a statement in which he blamed the water's reddish hue to potassium permanganate , a chemical disinfectant used to treat wastewater and, among other things, remove hydrogen sulfide, which produces a rotten egg smell. Read More »

North Korea warns forum of 'actual war'


President Donald Trump reaffirmed USA backing for its military ally Japan in a phone call with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a day after North Korea fired four ballistic missiles into the sea near Japan. South Korea's Lotte Group has come under pressure in China for providing land to host the system. In recent weeks, Beijing has squeezed South Korea, lashing out at Thaad in public statements and - many in South Korea believe - clamping down on South Korean companies doing business in China. Read More »

Extremely Contagious Bird Flu Found On Tennessee Chicken Farm


Over 73K birds at the farm will be euthanized in order to stop the HPAI bird flu from spreading. The US South-east was largely spared bird flu during the last major US outbreak, which was centred around turkey and egg farms in the Midwest and led to the death of more than 48 million birds until mid-2015 from either infection or culling. Read More »

US EPA withdraws request for methane information from oil, gas companies


Yesterday the EPA withdrew its request in response to a March 1 letter from nine state attorneys general and the governors of MS and Kentucky. " The burden of the request is disproportionate to its benefit , " the letter reads, citing an estimate from the EPA that put the cost of completing and responding to the survey at $1,100 to $5,800 for each company. Read More »

Strenuous exercise linked to reduced libido in men, study suggests

The team started by developing an online questionnaire for nearly 1,100 participants, most of whom were experienced athletes who had trained hard for years. And exercise, especially weight lifting, has been shown to increase testosterone. In the meantime, he said, men worrying about the effects of their training on sex life should try exercising a little less. Read More »

With Legal Weed on the Rise, Pediatricians Worried About Teen Use

In the USA, legalization and the growing industry for medical and recreational marijuana have paved the way for dramatically more potent pot than the contraband stuff that older generations recall from their youth. Experts say it's critical for parents and pediatricians to discuss the dangers with kids. Dr. Stratyner says marijuana affects short-term memory, especially in young brains that are still developing. Read More »

Ottawa Public Health tracking potential local exposures to mumps

Complications from mumps can include encephalitis, meningitis, painful swelling of the testicles or the ovaries, pancreatitis and hearing loss. The mumps virus is found in saliva and respiratory droplets and is spread through coughing, sneezing and coming into contact with saliva by kissing, sharing drinks, utensils, food or water bottles. Read More »