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Snapchat to release US$130 sunglasses with built-in camera

Snapchat is changing its name to Snap , and expanding its horizons beyond its core messaging app. Spiegel says the 115-degree-lens will record circular video, akin to how human eyes view the world, and will free one's hands to do more interesting things will snapping. Read More »

Snapchat unveils $130 connected sunglasses and rebrands as Snap, Inc

It quickly disappeared, and the Journal later published an interview with the company's CEO, Evan Spiegel , about the new device. The app will retain the name Snapchat . Spiegel is quoted as saying: "We're going to take a slow approach to rolling them out". Snapchat on Friday surprised everyone with two big announcements: First, the company has changed its name from Snapchat to Snap Inc . Read More »

FCA Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles for Faulty Airbag Wiring


At issue is a potentially flawed module that controls the system, and it wiring. The defects could prevent air-bags and automatic seat-belt tighteners from being deployed properly in crashes, Fiat Chrysler said. It's the second recall this year for this specific type of device at Fiat Chrysler. The problem isn't related to the huge recall of nearly 70 million Takata air bag inflators used by 17 carmakers, including Fiat Chrysler, the company said. Read More »

Lenovo's Yoga Book Kills The Keyboard


The company has created what it calls the Instant Halo Keyboard: it's a touch-based keyboard, so it has no physical keys, but keystrokes are registered through haptic feedback. The watchband hinge on the Yoga Book is uniquely constructed of tightly connected rods. The touch Halo Keyboard understands and adapts to the typing habits of the user, and haptic technology is created to reduce mistakes. Read More »

10 photos of how Pokémon Go will look on the Apple Watch

But then again, this might make old players return to the game. Parks and beaches have gotten more crowded with children, teenagers and adults standing around with their phones in hand. But there was one announcement from the event that caught people off guard - and it had nothing to do with the new iPhones. Nintendo has yet to claim that Pokemon Go Plus has any distance tracking capabilities or pedometer that will allow you to hatch eggs while the game is closed. Read More »

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Paralympics: Your Thursday Briefing

Worse yet, Lauer's perceived journalistic mediocrity birthed the equally mediocre hashtag #LaueringTheBar . "It's a massive problem", Trump said. Lauer interjected and said: "You said you think they're going to cheat". Trump was asked at a presidential town hall how he would de-escalate tensions between the USA and Russian Federation if he's elected to the White House. Read More »

Apple announces water-resistant Apple Watch S2

Because Pokemon Go wasn't already addictive enough on our smartphones, Apple teamed up with Niantic on Wednesday to announce that the most popular mobile game of all time is coming to the Apple Watch as well. This year marks the first time that Apple has seen such declines. In the introduction video, Apple insisted on the water resistant feature. Apple says one of the engineering challenges has been sealing the speaker port, which needs air to work . Read More »

Mark Zuckerberg, Pope Francis talk technology and charitable giving

Though communication, Zuckerberg, and Pope Francis agreed that messages of hope could be delivered to the most disadvantaged. "We told him how much we admire his message of mercy and tenderness", states Zuckerberg. An increasing number of users are turning to social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter to find their news, but Zuckerberg said his firm had no ambitions to become a content provider. Read More »

IPhone 7 incoming: Apple invites media to 7 September launch event

We will have more details about Apple's new iPhones when they are made official at Apple's press event next week. Invitations to the event were sent out this morning, with Apple simply saying " See you on the 7th ", The Verge says. The predicted iPhone 7 launch comes hot on the heels of its main rival Samsung's lauch of the Galaxy Note 7 which has been roundly praised by the tech media. Read More »

Apple Inc. (AAPL): September 7 Event Expectations Just Got Low

The headphones company, bought up Apple in 2014, has been quiet of late on the new product front, and the latest news could suggest why. Knowing that some of the big players are releasing new models that are more than likely to support the upcoming iPhone , we thought we would take a look at the best wireless, Lightning EarPods and headphones options. Read More »

Acer Unveils Ultra Thin and Light Swift Series Laptops


The Swift 7 is a ridiculously thin Windows 10 machine, clocking in at a hair under a centimeter - 9.98mm or 0.39-inches to be exact. But now Acer has produced a new model called Swift 7 which is less than a centimeter thick. Acer hasn't set an exact release date for the Predator 21 X, or a price , though a press official did go on record that it will be "very, very, very expensive". Read More »

EVE Online Going Free-to-Play In November


Once the expansion hits, characters will branch off into two types: Alpha Clones and Omega Clones. As well as letting players pay for the game with the resource they had available (cash or time) it pretty much wiped out gold farming, which had been a real problem for EVE . Read More »

Did HC ask Najeeb to impede work: AAP


Former union minister and national spokesperson of the All India Congress Committee Manish Tewari today condemned the treatment meted out by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party to the senior Punjabi leaders to pave his own way to take over the Punjab leadership. Read More »

WhatsApp to share data with Facebook


The move prompted The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and the Center for Digital Democracy to announce they would be filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Though WhatsApp insists that third-party ads won't make their way into the platform, the move makes it easy to see how the company could change its stance on this as well. Read More »

Drive Halo's Warthog in Forza Horizon 3


The Warthog will be available the same day that Forza Horizon 3 launches, September 27. Forza Horizon 3 is going to be one of those Windows 10 only titles, as it utilises DirectX 12 (and even if it didn't, Microsoft would probably want it to be Win10 Exclusive anyway). Read More »

Transgender plaintiffs get narrow win on injunction request

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has defended the law. 2 law passed in March which requires people to use the bathrooms matching the identities cited on their birth certificates. In granting the injunction, Schroeder appears skeptical of the "common sense" and "public safety" claims frequently presented by those supporting (and responsible for authoring) HB 2. Read More »

Hurricane Gaston expected to weaken in the Atlantic

The long-term forecast shows it maintaining hurricane strength. Lows tonight will be near 73 degrees. Sunday: Partly cloudy, hot and humid, highs in the lower to middle 90s. Conditions could become more favorable for cyclonic development when the system reaches the eastern Gulf of Mexico early next week. In addition to the tropical disturbance we've been tracking all week near the Bahamas, a NEW tropical disturbance has pooped up right in our backyard. Read More »

Smartphone Not Getting Android 7.0 Nougat; Other Sony Devices Will Do

Renowned tech analyst Nate Benis has predicted that the final version of Android Nougat will feature a new launcher and an upgraded Google assistant, both of which are yet to arrive on the developer builds of the upcoming OS. HTC announced today that the unlocked HTC 10 will be first on the docket to receive Android 7.0 Nougat. Galaxy S6 and Note 5 devices would see Nougat arrive "shortly after", according to AndroidCentral. Read More »

Android 7.0 Nougat Now Out of Beta Released Today


Straying from tradition, Google has released the final version of Android Nougat for its Nexus smartphone series. Few have mentioned specific devices that will certainly be getting it, and of course, a carrier-branded device will also slow these updates event further. Read More »

Samsung's Always on Display on the Note 7 shows song that's playing


A 4.7-inch model, a 5.5-inch and a premium that will have a 5.5-inch or larger screen bent on both sides. As Max says, the Note 7 has nearly the exact same specs as the S7 Edge - so why pay more? A Korean woman has revealed on an online forum site that she had kept the Galaxy Note 7 for charging overnight. Read More »

Jackpot: Scientists Find Earth-Like Planet At Star Next Door

Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory ( ESO ) announced Wednesday they've observed a rocky Earth like planet in the goldilocks habitable zone around nearby Proxima Centauri , astronomer Ansgar Reiners told CNN . The aim of Breakthrough Starshot is to invest $100 million to demonstrate that a spacecraft could be built to reach Proxima Centauri's distance in a journey time of "only" 20 years. Read More »

Opera Launches Free VPN for Android


Opera calls the VPN fast and reliable. A free and unlimited VPN app for Android is today available from Opera. The service is provided completely free, with no limits on how often it may be used. His outfit changes to match the flag of the country you've chosen as your region, for example, and small visual elements like these make it clear what the app is doing for you. Read More »

Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' and 'Endless' Prove Worth the Wait

The album features a rogues' gallery of the best of the best in pop music, with the likes of Beyoncé, Kanye West, André 3000 , and Tyler, the Creator collaborating with Ocean on Blonde . While there is no specific mention of Drake, his feud with Meek Mill would likely have been front and center in the media around the time Ocean's album was being written and recorded. Read More »

Samsung to reportedly sell refurbished smartphones starting next year

Smartphone buyers in the USA and other markets continue to flock to newer installment plan options that let them make low monthly payments and trade in their phones each year for new models. The source refused to disclose how significantly the prices would be reduced, or the markets Samsung expects to sell the phones within. Deloitte says the used smartphone market will be worth more than $17 billion this year, with 120 million devices sold. Read More »

U.S. prepares to hand over power of the internet's naming system


The proposed transfer of control of the IANA functions has been criticized by Republicans in Congress and some conservative groups, who are concerned that the transition will hand over control of the internet to governments, including some that have a reputation for stifling online activity. Read More »

Apple dives to No. 5 in key China market


Its sales dove 38 per cent to 10.5 million, knocking it off its top-ranked perch to No. 4. The rapid changes in the top three of such a large market suggests smartphone makers must work harder to differentiate and stay ahead in China. USA giant Apple shipped 8.6 million smartphones in China in the second quarter, down 31.7% compared to 12.6 million units in the year-ago period. Read More »

Pandora Nears Deals For On-Demand Streaming


Like Apple Music and Spotify , the tariff is expected to be $10 a month, while the ad-free $5 a month personalized radio tier will remain and will be boosted with increased skips and the ability to save playlists offline. Pandora Media Inc (NYSE:P) may be preparing to launch its on-demand service next month in the United States. "Music Reports is in a unique position to reach every active publisher in the market, ensuring Pandora can offer them all the opportunity to participate in these ... Read More »

Great Britain's Langridge and Ellis blast into badminton semis


And for Langridge, the run at Rio 2016 is down to the pair producing their best form when it matters to upset the badminton powerhouses of the sport. They did just that and then stormed into the semi-finals where they came unstuck against No.4 seeds Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan. Read More »

Ford to sell urban self-driving vehicles by 2021


On Tuesday at the company's research facility in Palo Alto, California, CEO Mark Fields announced that the company will mass-produce autonomous vehicles by 2021. Ford backs up this plan by doubling the staff in its Silicon Valley Research and Innovation Center, and adding two new buildings. Baidu is testing autonomous vehicles in China, where it hopes to cut road congestion. Read More »

Trump warns of fraud, criticizes state voter laws

He wanted the voters themselves to get involved as well. Early voting will not begin until next month, giving people ample opportunity to change their minds. The state, along with 19 others, has no ID requirement for polling places. To understand the state of play, we have to look at the possible paths to victory each candidate has, and that means focusing on swing states that will draw the most campaign activity. Read More »

Samsung's Galaxy S8 "to spell the end for its flat screens"

As detailed in the latest testing from DisplayMate , the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 offers an even better display than the S7 and S7 Edge. Patent US009411451 , which was filed on April 21, 2015 and made public on August 9, suggests future iPhones could come with curved screens that work similarly to Samsung's flagship phones. Read More »

PS4 NEO to be Announced at a Special Event in September?


But according to French website Gameblog the waiting will be over on September 7, when Sony will host an unveil event in NY. Now, at long last, Sony appears ready to unveil the new PS4 hardware to the world. In two DX11 benchmarks and one DX12 test, we see the RX 480 blasting past the R9 270X. Sony to also reveal the PlayStation 4 Slim? The console is a "high end" version of the current PS4, expected to include an improved GPU and CPU to offer enhanced visuals. Read More »

Safe driving: Tesla autopilot drives owner to ER with pulmatory embolism


In late July, Springville lawyer Joshua Neally was driving home when he turned on the autopilot feature of his week-old Tesla X as he enters the highway. The world's first fatal Tesla Autopilot crash happened on May 7 in Williston in the United States. "I just knew I had to get there, to the ER", Neally continued. Read More »

Apple reportedly switches channels on TV plans, eying digital guide


Having run into a brick wall trying to build an OTT-TV service with national reach and access to local broadcast TV feeds, Apple is now working on a new "digital TV guide" for Apple TV boxes and other Apple devices that would service as a smart aggregation point for other video and TV apps, Recode reported . Read More »