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OnePlus 5T to go on sale tomorrow


The trend changed with Android 4.4 Kit Kat which managed to find its way on a lot of models and some of them got upgraded to the versions released after that. It also offers a number of text handling enhancements such as "Auto-fill" and "Smart text selection". As latest reports would have it, OnePlus has finally released the OnePlus 5T handset in India . Read More »

Having a pet dog can lower heart disease risk


They focused on 3.4 million people who had no history of cardiovascular disease in 2001, and followed their health records-as well as whether they registered as a dog owner-for about 12 years. That would be a tough study to pull off since you would have to take a random set of people, give some of them dogs, and see who died first. "These kind of epidemiological studies look for associations in large populations but do not provide answers on whether and how dogs could protect from ... Read More »

Hitman is getting a TV series on Hulu streaming service

If you've played any of IO Interactive's Hitman games, you know how episodic the setup is: Agent 47 and his bald, bar-coded head travel to locations both exotic and mundane - sometimes in creative disguise - and carry out murder assignments that involve espionage at the highest global levels. Read More »

Qualcomm's Board Unanimously Rejects Broadcom Offer

Qualcomm shares rose 0.8 percent, to $65.11, while Broadcom was off by 1 percent, at $262.24 a share, after the rejection announcement. According to a press release from Qualcomm, its board of directors unanimously vetoed the purchase. Steve Mollenkopf, Qualcomm's chief executive, said the California company remains confident about its future. Both semiconductor companies did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Read More »

Scientists: Sheep recognize faces as people


They did this by rewarding the sheep food when they went to the picture of one of celebrities, and not an unfamiliar face. Picking the celebrity earned a sheep a food-pellet reward. A sheep "model" of Huntington's disease has been bred, displaying similar brain and social changes as witnessed in human patients. A celebrity's face would appear on one screen, while a different image appeared on the other. Read More »

Target Stores will close for six hours on Black Friday


In response, Sears and Kmart, which are owned by the same parent company, have been holding aggressive sales before the holiday season. Target has unveiled its Thanksgiving and Black Friday plans. There will also be thousands of "Lightning Deals" - products available at a discount, in limited quantities, for a short period of time - introduced throughout the sale, with new deals becoming available as often as every five minutes. Read More »

RIP Kinect: Microsoft stops manufacturing Xbox and Windows add-on device


While I never used the Kinect camera much myself, I always appreciated the concept of the tech. Microsoft has ended production of Kinect , its motion-tracking games controller. No further units will be produced and only the remaining stock of the units now in stores will be available for sale, though support for the device will continue for customers that now have it for Xbox consoles. Read More »

Albert Einstein's 'secret to happiness' note sells for $1.9m


According to the CEO of Winner's Auctions and Exhibitions, Einstein assumed that the note would someday be worth more than a regular tip. The auction began at $2,000 and a series of bids pushed the price up rapidly until two final bidders competed by phone to own the historic piece. Read More »

Orionid meteor shower: Lack of moonlight makes for excellent viewing conditions


The Orionids have been visible since October 2 but the shower is set to light up the sky this weekend. To see the shower, get as far away from city lights as possible. Darkness is key when trying to watch for meteors . It's the Earth passing through the debris field of Halley's comet, which last passed by our place in space in 1985 and won't return until 2061. Read More »

Microsoft Brings All New Powerful Surface Book 2


That apart, Microsoft also claims that the Surface Book 2 offers "five-times" better graphics performance as opposed to its predecessor and claims that it offers double the power of MacBook Pro. With the Surface Book 2 , long transpacific flights can also be productive ones. The fulcrum hinge holding the base to the display was redesigned to be sturdier, which will hopefully fix the original's screen wobble issue. Read More »

Tesla fires hundreds of employees over bad performance

Workers who spoke to The Mercury News estimated that 400 to 700 employees were fired, although Tesla would not give a number. Tesla has said it is still growing its workforce worldwide. Big Picture: Reports of layoffs at Tesla, plus an analyst's projection steeper losses this year, sent the company's shares down a bit on Monday. Read More »

SNES Classic Mini hack hits Github, kills your social life


A Twitter bot tasked with skimming Japanese trademarks recently stumbled across one from Nintendo that has the Internet talking. Nintendo's nostalgia-fuelled Super NES Classic has been out for less than two weeks, but it's already been hacked to add more games and custom backgrounds. Read More »

Tim's Top 5: Favorite Tom Petty Music Videos


He was found in critical condition at his home in Malibu , California, United States of America on Sunday night after suffering full cardiac arrest . She also revealed that Petty's Heartbreakers bandmates arrived at the hospital before his death, calling them the "sweetest, coolest people ". In a clip available on YouTube, Petty meets with Avraham Rosenblum, leader of a Hasidic band called the Diaspora Yeshiva Band that blended rock and bluegrass with religious lyrics. Read More »

Where To Buy the SNES Classic


So if you're looking to pick one up this Christmas, be prepared to shop around. The console has 21 pre-installed games , 20 of them are classic games like Super Mario World , Donkey Kong and Legend Of Zelda . Here's more on why you need to get these and what you get with them. There are more SNES Classic shipments coming, and Nintendo will continue to make the SNES Classic into next year. Read More »

Texas says DHS wrong, hacker didn't target state


DHS officials believe Wisconsin was targeted based on a variety of sources, including intelligence information that can not be disclosed publicly. "Hacker can't access the City of Richmond's machines through the internet because there is no wireless connection on the voting machines", she said . Read More »

Mobile throttling threshold raised to 50GB as "unlimited" war rages


Once you enter a new billing cycle, your usage resets and your data usage will stop being deprioritized until you hit 50GB in a single cycle again. To make matters worse, many of these plans have additional caveats. Oh, there are still limits, of course, but Tmo isn't alone there. Ever since smartphones began demanding more data, smartphone providers had no choice but to implement a soft data cap or deprioritize heavy data users in favor of those who use less data. Read More »

On Aung San Suu Kyi


Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi today for the first time addressed the situation in Rakhine amid the growing worldwide criticism following ethnic cleansing that forced more than 400,000 minority Rohingya Muslims from the country. Read More »

Jaitley launches Google's payments app for India 'Tez'


India is clearly moving a step closer towards becoming a cashless economy, thanks to Unified Payment Interface ( UPI ). Tez has a daily transaction limit of Rs 1,00,000 like all UPI apps and up to 20 transfers in a day. Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley who has been very vocal about the usage of digital payment modes in India, himself launched the application with the vision of fastening India's digital growth, just as the name suggests. Read More »

Apple Watch Series 3: what the new release will offer fitness fans


It is priced at $399 for the watch with cellular connectivity and $329 without it. Swatch Group AG shares fell as much as 3.2% on concern Switzerland's largest watchmaker will face more competition from the latest version of the Apple Watch, which can make calls and send messages without requiring a mobile phone. Read More »

Xiaomi Launches MacBook Pro killer - the Mi Notebook Pro


The new generation Mi Notebook Pro brings a lot of eye catchy features including narrow bezel display and more which looks exactly the same like the Macbook Pro laptops. "The display is 15.6" with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. These modifications are used 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of permanent memory on the SSD device. This notebook fingerprint scanner is located on the top right corner of the touchpad. Read More »

Facebook Meets the Danger of Automation: Russian Political Ads


It said it had discovered that the $100,000 had been used to buy roughly 3,000 ads connected to 470 accounts all "likely" associated with each other and operated out of Russian Federation. Although Facebook did not give examples of the ads, issue-oriented ads may not violate the Federal Election Campaign Act , which forbids foreign nationals from funding election-related activities. Read More »

Huawei unveils mobile AI computing platform


Huawei has openly proclaimed that its newest chips will be more powerful than the upcoming iPhones which will release a month from now. The company claimed that mobile devices powered by the Kirin 970 will be able to "truly know and understand their users", supporting real-time image recognition, voice interaction and intelligent photography easily. Read More »

Next stop Earth for NASA's space champ


She performed her 10th spacewalk , more than any other woman. Whitson, 57, finished an extended stay of over nine months aboard the International Space Station , a $100 billion (USD) research laboratory that flies about 250 miles (400 km) above Earth. Read More »

Everything you might have missed from Nintendo's "Nindies" Switch Direct


Unofficial transcriptions of what Suda was really saying appeared online afterward, giving way more details about the Switch game than we English speakers got during the actual presentation stream. The first game that Nintendo unveiled is Super Meat Boy's sequel. The premise is simple: find the game that your mother hid from you in each room of the house. Read More »

Apple (AAPL) Stock Soars To All-Time High Ahead Of September Launch Event


According to the most recent leak reported by WCCFTECH , the newest leak on Apple's iPhone 8 has something to do with the motherboard. The New York Times is reporting that the latest iPhone will start at a price of $999 (£780). A new patent from the company describes how it may do this. If true this would be the biggest change in iPhone design since the launch of the device in 2007. Read More »

France And Austria Seek To Fight Labour Dumping In The EU


Macron embarked Wednesday on a three-day diplomatic blitz through Austria, Romania and Bulgaria to drum up support for his ambitious plan to reform the directive at a summit in October. Austria has seen the number of posted workers rise from around 106,000 in 2014 to 166,490 in 2016 in a workforce of four million, according to the Vienna-based research institute L&R Sozialforschung. Read More »

An Outlook At The Reasons Why Verizon Terminated Its Unlimited Data Plan


AT&T's more expensive plan, called Unlimited Plus, starts at $90 and goes up to $185. To sum up what's happening, everyone on Unlimited is going to have a throttled video experience, because even though Verizon continues to tout its LTE network as the best in the U.S., it can't help but limit its customers to something less than ideal. Read More »

Kenya protest: Violence follows re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta


Speaking at the weekend, Odinga promised to announce his next move on Tuesday. After two elections in 2007 and 2013 in which the outcome was rejected by the opposition, and against a background of vote manipulation that stretches back to the years of one-party rule, has Kenya finally, in Chebukati's words, joined the "family of mature democracies that are able to conduct and deliver credible and fair elections"? That rift predates the country's independence in 1963, and some worry that ... Read More »

Major Uber investor sues former CEO Travis Kalanick for fraud


In a blockbuster lawsuit, Uber Technologies Inc. investor Benchmark Capital today sued embattled former Chief Executive Travis Kalanick for fraud and breach of contract and fiduciary duty. According to a change voted on by shareholders in June 2016, the three extra board seats were to be appointed by Kalanick alone, and when he resigned as CEO, losing the CEO's designated seat on the board, he simply appointed himself to one of the three open seats, and the other two remain unfilled. Read More »

HBO hackers leak Game Of Thrones episode 5 script and demand ransom

HBO doesn't believe the hackers represented by "Mr. Smith" possess actual episodes of Thrones , although they have threatened to release episodes of other series with their " HBO is Falling" logo superimposed. Alongside the video, the hackers posted 3.4 gigabytes of files, including draft scripts from five upcoming Game of Thrones episodes and emails sent from HBO's vice president for film programming, Leslie Cohen. Read More »

Avid skywatchers to see partial lunar eclipse tonight


Star-gazers in the Arab world should keep their eyes peeled on Monday (August 7) for a partial lunar eclipse , which will be visible from 7.50pm to 11.21pm GST. The eclipse will travel faster than the speed of sound, crossing the entire United States in roughly 90 minutes. Eclipses happen about twice a year, but this one is different. Read More »

Latvia to see partial lunar eclipse next week


The penumbral phase will start over Qatar sky at 6:50pm Doha local time and the partial phase will be start at 8:23pm. An eclipse of the moon, of which partial phase was in India, had occurred on April 4, 2015. Most regions in South and East Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia will also be able to see the event. The partial eclipse will reach its peak at 1822 GMT. Read More »

Next month's eclipse visible in WNY


Government aircraft will be dispatched to follow the eclipse and take infrared measurements to determine the solar corona's magnetism and thermal structure. We can observe the total eclipse if we are the roughly 70-mile-wide path away from the OR to the SC. The moon orbits the earth. Q: What will traffic be like on the day of the eclipse? IL is just one of 14 states that will witness the total solar eclipse . Read More »

Your Facebook Messenger Home Screen Will Display Ads Soon


The social media firm said a small percentage of people will begin to see ads in their Messenger Home tab towards the end of this month. The ads themselves are as intrusive as they possibly could be. The move brings opportunities to marketing pros, but many users are groaning over the upcoming feature. As one of the biggest services in the world, Messenger gives advertisers an enormous global billboard to pitch their products on. Read More »