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Samsung blames battery for Note7 fiasco


Analysts say the drive to produce a thin phone with longer battery life may have contributed to Samsung's woes. Samsung's heavily anticipated report into the dramatic failure of its flagship Note 7 device was released yesterday, following a press conference that took place in Seoul. Read More »

ETFs to Hedge Against Trump's Obamacare Executive Order


Hours after taking the oath of office, President Donald Trump followed up on his campaign pledge to try to start chipping away at Obamacare, and curb federal regulations. Departments like Health and Human Services and Treasury will have to issue policies that embody the new president's wishes. While plenty of laws are in place to support Obamacare, the Trump administration can fiddle with the guidance that enables agencies to implement the ACA or loosen rules and soften the teeth used to ... Read More »

Cassini Provides New View of Saturn's Wave-Making Moon Daphnis

Beyond the robotic probe's camera resolution, however, are the ripples and waves that are inevitably caused by the gravities of small moons embedded in the many ring gaps. "This is possibly due to the movement of fine ring particles being spread out into the gap following Daphnis' last close approach to that edge on a previous orbit". Read More »

Tornadoes, Severe Storms Possible Across Brevard County


Such a risk is "exceptionally rare" for SC, the National Weather Service in Charleston said while cautioning residents to have a plan to seek shelter. An atmospherically strong and volatile weather system approaching the Southeast since early yesterday has caused several rounds of severe weather with damaging winds, tornadoes and hail that began in Louisiana and Mississippi, where as many as six people were killed at Jena, Louisiana and Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Read More »

ISI behind Kanpur train accidents: Bihar police

After being arrested on murder charges, Giri and others told the Nepal police about their alleged involvement in the Kanpur incident and their associates in Bihar. Just over a month later, more than 50 people were injured when Ajmer-Sealdah Express derailed, again near Kanpur, on December 28. He along with Shambhu Giri and Mujahir Ansari was arrested by Nepal police recently. Read More »

Commander Ordered to Step Down Mid-Inauguration


In an interview with The Washington Post on Friday morning, Schwartz said that , "The timing is extremely unusual ". At the time Schwartz departs, he will be in the midst of commanding thousands of Guard troops from the District and around the country who are providing support for the inauguration. Read More »

Samsung Gear S3 launches in India, own it from January 18

While the Classic should appeal to those looking for a more minimalistic design, the Frontier has been designed for users with more active lifestyles. Without touching the screen, you can accept or reject a call or snooze an alarm, and messages can be scrawled by finger on the screen to automatically convert to texts. Read More »

NASA's Psyche Spacecraft Will Explore Metal Asteroid Psyche

First discovered in 1852, the 210 kilometre-wide asteroid named Psyche, which orbits about 450 million kilometres from the sun, is set to be the focus of one of NASA's two new missions under its budget-friendly Discovery Program . Lucy is slated to be the seventh Discovery Program mission that Lockheed Martin has been selected to participate in. It's thought that the surface of the ancient planet was whittled down after a series of collisions with multiple objects in the Solar System, ... Read More »

Donald Trump threatens Toyota with high tax tariff in tweet

The next morning, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted his thanks to the company. Production volume or employment in the US will not decrease as a result of our new plant in Guanajuato , Mexico announced in April 2015. JFE Steel Corp., a unit of JFE Holdings Inc., and its US partner are building a factory in Mexico to manufacture steel sheets for automobiles. "What we need to explain more clearly (to Trump) is that most automakers are not cutting production capacity or jobs in the United ... Read More »

SpaceX to reattempt launch of Falcon 9 on Monday

Now, the Elon Musk-owned space exploration company has shared the results of its investigation which cites frozen oxygen in the cryogenic high-pressure helium tank led to the explosion during the pre-fueling process. The company believes the problem happens when the helium is pumped into too cold oxygen trapped in these pools and them turning the oxygen into a solid. Read More »

Ford turns Amazon Alexa into a driver assistant


Normally, this is done by knocking on the display twice, but with Alexa you just have to ask it. Ford tells me this is "just the start" relative to the partnership and their plans for expanding voice-based interaction and virtual assistants in the auto. Read More »

The Trail Blazers hit the road tonight

The Warriors and Trail Blazers that take the court Wednesday night at Oracle Arena hardly resemble the teams only eight months removed from a surprisingly competitive series in the Western Conference Semifinals. "Now it's about effort, our intensity and following the game plan each night out". McCollum (three), Crabbe (two) and Moe Harkless (two) combined for seven 3-pointers in the flurry, during which Portland fell behind by as many as 13 before shooting its way into the halftime advantage. Read More »

Apple removes New York Times from China App Store after government request

In the press release , Apple said New Years Day was the highest single day for the App Store with more than $240 million in revenue from apps and in-app purchases. The NYT's crossword and virtual reality apps are still available to Chinese users. Holiday spend was also at record levels, Apple said, with purchases from the App Store topping $3 billion (approximately Rs. Read More »

Apple sued for withholding tech that blocks FaceTime app, fatal result

Parents James and Bethany Modisette are suing Apple for damages on the basis that the electronics giant failed to install and implement a "safer, alternative design" for FaceTime that would have helped to prevent a driver from using the app while traveling at highway speed, court documents show. Read More »

Ford invests $700M in Flat Rock plant, cancels Mexico facility


At its core, the Trump-brokered-but-not-really deal for the Indianapolis-based company was nothing more than ceding tax breaks to a company running a profitable factory. But according to an Associated Press report , GM makes the vast majority of their Chevy Cruze models in Lordstown, Ohio. A move that many will see as capitulation to United States president-elect Donald Trump, who has been highly critical of the auto maker's plans to continue to move production to Mexico, was carried out ... Read More »

Killer whale Granny considered dead


Granny as seen from shore off Washington in 2013. Granny, scientifically cataloged as J2, is believed to have been born in 2011 - a year before the sinking of the Titanic - but a precise birthday is impossible to determine. The most serious issue facing the Southern Residents is salmon, the chief prey source for the orcas. According to the Center for Whale Research, there are three populations of killer whales in the northeast Pacific. Read More »

Leap second will be added to the final minute of 2016


However, the news that it's being extended ahead of the New Year is one last slap in the face that we didn't need. Clocks will officially read 4:59:60 p.m. The move is similar to a leap year, wherein an extra day is added every four years to synchronize the calendar year (which is man made) with the solar year (which is determined by nature). Read More »

LG's New Wireless Speaker Floats in Mid-Air


Perhaps best of all, when the charge runs low, the speaker slowly descends onto the base staton and fills its own battery back up. Hot on the heels of unveiling a rather unusual levitating speaker yesterday, LG chose to reveal two more odd new audio products today, both of which sit around your neck. Read More »

Kyrie Irving Buried The Warriors Again


While the Warriors are on a seven-game winning streak, the reigning National Basketball Association champions have won nine of their last 10 games with the only loss coming to Memphis Grizzlies when the Big 3 of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were rested. Read More »

Refurbished Apple Watches now available at the official store

So with this, it is the first time that the company has made refurbished watch models available since it was launched a year ago. If you've never considered a refurbished Apple product direct from the company before, it's worth doing so. On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 2 has an S2 dual-core processor with built-in Global Positioning System and OLED Retina display. So if you're looking to pick one up, you'd better pick one up quick before they go out of stock. Read More »

Reck on the Road: Salvation Army Toy Depot

The Salvation Army welcomed parents to its Milwaukee warehouse to take their pick from more than 40,000 toys collected for kids who might not otherwise get any gifts for Christmas. Time is running out to help the Salvation Army through the empty stocking fund. She said the generosity of the community is overwhelming. Captain Brianne Bowers said about 800 kids will get a Christmas because of the service they provided. Read More »

Powerful quake hits off Papua New Guinea; no damage reported


There is no immediate word on damage or injuries, but such a quake can be be unsafe, even though it struck relatively deep below the surface of the Earth. Authorities said the extent of damage was not immediately known. It struck at a depth of some 75 km, the USGS said. Papua New Guinea sits on the Ring of Fire , the arc of seismic faults around the Pacific Ocean where earthquakes are common. Read More »

SNL parodies Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin in Christmas skit


Baldwin basically makes Trump look like a kid begging to sit at the grown-up table at Christmas dinner because he's "smart" and "grown up" now. Trump apologizes for not having a present to give Putin in return. "You can stay as long as you want", Trump says. Tillerson and Putin confer as Trump hovers nearby, offering policy suggestions that are dismissed with a shrug, and a sarcastic "sure" from Tillerson. Read More »

Putin: Joint economy activity a step toward treaty

Japan claims sovereignty over the two southernmost large islands, Iturup and Kunashir, as well as the Shikotan and Habomai islets, citing their history as Japan's northern territories. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed to begin dialogue on the status of disputed islands, which has left them technically at war since 1945. Read More »

General Motors to invest $334M in 3 NY state plants

At the GM Components Holdings-Rochester plant, $5.9 million will be spent on future Powertrain components. "The UAW's negotiations with GM to reinvest in the Tonawanda, Rochester, Lockport and Parma plants have paid off not only for our members but also for those communities", Cindy Estrada, UAW vice president for GM, said in a statement. Read More »

Bill Gates and Wealthy Allies Have Launched a $1B Clean Energy Fund

In a lengthy interview on " Squawk Box ", the Microsoft co-founder said he recently spoke on the phone with Trump, and the two discussed the power of innovation, according to CNBC . "We have several companies in each path", he said. In December 2015, Romm blogged after the coalition's formation that the world needs 100 times more money for deployment than it does R&D to fight climate change, and that the focus should be on countries like India making decisions right now about coal plants. Read More »

New $5000 Apple Laptop Disappoints Fans with Battery Issues

The new laptop seems to have battery problems "that doesn't allow it to stay on almost as long as the company has promised", according to the affected users. But users are now finding that five to six hours under similar conditions - screen at 75%, Wi-fi connection to the internet, and Safari browser - is more the norm. Read More »

Alabama Power crews work to restore outages following stormy weather


There have been 25 others from the area transported to the hospital with minor injuries from the storm, reports WRCB. He provided no further details. Tornadoes are not unheard of in November - historically, Alabama averages six, MS five and Tennessee three during the month - but typically the twisters hit in the earlier part of the month rather than at its tail end. Read More »

Scientists Find A 99 Million Year Old Dinosaur's Fossil In An Amber

Dr Xing and his colleagues publishing their findings in the December issue of science journal Current Biology . Spotted at the amber market previous year by palaeontologist Dr Lida Xing , the tail fragment is believed to have belonged to a young dinosaur about the size of a sparrow that lived in the mid-Cretaceous period. Read More »

Fitbit acquisition of Pebble official, Pebble Time 2 and Core devices canceled

Bloomberg's report describes this acquisition as "imminent", with the deal offering jobs to approximately 40% of Pebble's current staff, mainly software engineers. Only 40 percent of the employee base has been offered a position at Fitbit's San Francisco headquarters. Once a darling in the early days of the smartwatch market, Pebble has faced increased competition from companies including Fitbit , Apple and Samsung. Read More »