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Express yourself with Gboard for Android's newest features


Gboard , Google's attempt to further infiltrate your phone by way of a keyboard application, is rolling out an update this morning that will introduce a handful of new features, including GIF and emoji suggestions as you type , easier voice typing, Google Translate, and more keyboard themes. Read More »

WikiLeaks Trove Appears to Show CIA Hacking Tools


USA intelligence agencies believe the emails were hacked by Russian Federation as part of a coordinated influence campaign to discredit Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and help President Donald Trump, a Republican, win. The most powerful of these weapons are so-called zero day exploits - code that takes advantage of new flaws in software that no one else has yet spotted, potentially creating secret back doors that can be used over long periods. Read More »

A magnetic shield around Mars may make it habitable


In a talk titled, " A Future Mars Environment for Science and Exploration ,"Jim Green, NASA's Planetary Science Division Director said how although Mars today is an arid and cold world with a very thin atmosphere and frozen water resources, it's thought that the planet could once have had deep, liquid oceans and a warmer (and potentially habitable) climate". Read More »

Facebook is now flagging fake news stories as 'disputed'


Only if those two organizations will determine that a specific news article is fake news, will the new disputed tag will have attached to it and displayed in the users' news feeds. Also, being overly aggressive against fake news may not be in the business interests of Facebook since it could result in lower user engagement which translates to reduced advertising revenues. Read More »

Bay Street Nervous Amid US Rate Hike Chatter

Rates went up by 0.25% in December, only the second increase in a decade. US stocks remained modestly lower following Yellen's remarks. Nothing, it seems, can stop stock markets going up. Trump said he wanted to boost the US economy with a "massive" tax relief, make a $1-trillion effort on infrastructure and overhaul Obamacare. "The dollar and yields are moving higher as next theme of the market, the "Fed" overrides the Trump effect". Read More »

Northwestern wins, might have gained slot in NCAA tourney


It worked Thursday, anyway, as the Wildcats beat the higher-seeded Hawkeyes. In a 78-59 performance, the Hawkeyes owned the Wildcats in their only meeting of the season. Northwestern and MI were tied for fifth in the Big Ten standings coming into the night. The Wildcats play Iowa March 2 at noon C.T. on the Big Ten Network . Read More »

Researchers might have just found the oldest creatures in history


Remains of microorganisms at least 3.77 billion years old have been found encased in quartz layers in northern Quebec's Nuvvuagittuq Supracrustal Belt , in Canada. The findings may have implications for life elsewhere in the universe. Prior to this study , the oldest known microfossils were found in western Australia and dated at around 3.5 billion years ago. Read More »

Interior nominee Zinke clears Senate hurdle on way to confirmation

Zinke served as a Navy SEAL for 22 years , from 1986 until 2008, and is the first former SEAL to ascend to leading a department of the federal government. On the other hand, Zinke also has been a strong protector of public lands in the West. The position will require a careful balance between protection of land with Trump's stated eagerness to increase fossil fuel production, Politico reported Wednesday. Read More »

President Barack Obama and Daughter Malia Visit THE PRICE on Broadway

Somehow, a massive audience failed to notice the former president and first daughter in the audience, as well as the horde of Secret Service agents at the edges of the theatre. The crowds can be heard screaming "I love you" as he makes his way to a waiting auto. It was not immediately clear what the former president was attending to during his stop. Read More »

Chelsea deserve to be top, says Conte

Another example is Willian. But Chelsea were pegged back by Fernando Llorente's excellent header on the stroke of half-time at Stamford Bridge, with Fabianski then looking very hard to beat for a second time. Antonio Conte has revealed that his decision to start Cesc Fabregas in the place of Nemanja Matic on Saturday against Swansea was purely tactical. Read More »

BlackBerry's KEYone is an exciting return to form

BlackBerry and TCL just finished officially announcing the new BlackBerry KeyOne . It is not just the typing that you can do with the QWERTY keyboard of the KEYone . There's also the DTEK security suite, which is created to constantly monitor and protect the OS, letting you know when your privacy could be at risk and providing you options on how to improve your privacy. Read More »

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW) Analyst Estimates

Huntington National Bank boosted its position in shares of Dow Chemical Company (The) by 70.7% in the second quarter. For the next 5 years, The Dow Chemical Company is expecting Growth of 6.98% per annum, whereas in the past 5 years the growth was 21.49% per annum. Read More »

Scientists discover seven exoplanets the size of earth


This is the first time so many habitable planets have been discovered orbiting an ultra-cool dwarf star . All of these seven planets could have liquid water - a key to life - under the right atmospheric conditions, but the chances are highest with the three in the habitable zone. Read More »

Thousands watch, wait for giraffe birth online


April, a 15-year-old pregnant giraffe, has become a YouTube star with millions of people tuned in to watch her give birth. "There are a handful of extremist and animal-rights activists that may not agree with that, and that's okay, but have unfortunately reported our YouTube cam as sexually explicit and nude content that has made for its removal", a zoo spokesperson said. Read More »

Here's The Zelda: BOTW Collector's Edition For Nintendo Switch Being Unboxed

Even if consumers aren't ready to drop $299 on a Nintendo Switch next Friday, there is still the Wii U version of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to keep them entertained. Are you going to buy them? This only means that the first part of the expansion content that was initially scheduled to be released on day one of the game's launch will have to be postponed for now. Read More »

The iPhone 8 may have more storage than you'll ever need


The production volume of all iPhone devices for 2017 is projected to total around 230 million units, representing an annual increase of nearly 6%. In light of reports saying the tenth anniversary edition of the smartphone could feature a front-facing camera with 3D sensing abilities as well as acquisitions which give credence to rumors of the next iPhone featuring facial recognition technology , this is certainly an interesting move. Read More »

You Can Now Buy Snapchat Spectacles Online for $129


Android users can transfer snaps using Wi-Fi, whereas iPhone users will have to transfer the snaps either via the sunglasses' Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The Specs were announced in September 2016 and hit the market in November. "We expect to experience production and operating costs related to Spectacles that will exceed the related revenue in the near future", Snap added in the filing. Read More »

SpaceX Delays Falcon 9 rocket launch due to technical issues

Back in 1969, the Apollo 11 mission used this launch complex to send the first humans to the Moon. The launch was originally scheduled for Saturday but was scrapped just 13 seconds before launch due to a glitch with the rocket engine. The US space agency previous year added a third company, privately-owned Sierra Nevada Corp, for making cargo runs to the station beginning in 2019. While speaking at a pre-launch press event at Cape Canaveral , the company's president Gwynne Shotwell ... Read More »

I am like Indiana Jones, says Ibrahimovic


Although he does great with this club, his contract expires next season. Initially undeterred by falling behind to a controversial deflected free-kick, Saint-Etienne seized on some lacklustre defending to create numerous chances and it was only their profligate finishing that allowed United go in at half-time with a slender lead. Read More »

Mulan nets 'Whale Rider' director for live-action remake


Disney and producers Chris Bender, Jason Reed and Jake Weiner are taking pains to assure fans that Mulan will be culturally authentic. Also , according to The Hollywood Reporter , she apparently beat out Patty Jenkins ( Wonder Woman ) and Michelle MacLaren ( Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones ). Read More »

Rocket League is crossing over with Hot Wheels for DLC


Each Hot Wheels auto will come with six decals and an exclusive set of wheels. These cars will be available on February 21, 2017. Psyonix and Hot Wheels have announced an upcoming update to Rocket League that will add brand new Hot Wheels content in-game. Read More »

Japanese experiment proves that cleaning up space junk is hard


The space cargo ship left the ISS on January 28 and re-entered the atmosphere on Monday, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has confirmed. According to commentators, the need for an effective space-based garbage removal system is starting to get pressing, making this failure a setback for JAXA, as well as the global community. Read More »

Tiffany says CEO Frederic Cumenal steps down

Tiffany said its board is "committed to our current core". President Trump continued exercising his executive-order authority Friday, this time challenging the breadth and depth of Wall Street regulations imposed by the Obama administration in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Read More »

Oculus owes half a billion dollars to ZeniMax for copyright infringement

While the jury found that Oculus had not misappropriated trade secrets from ZeniMax-a major part of the case-it determined that Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey had violated a non-disclosure agreement with the company when working on early prototypes of the Rift VR headset, according to a copy of the verdict obtained by Ars Technica . Read More »

United States defence chief Mattis heads to South Korea and Japan

An armored helicopter prepare to land on the ground during the annual joint military exercise Foal Eagle between South Korea and the United States in Pocheon, northeast of Seoul, March 25, 2015. alliance, the reorganization of U.S. forces and other matters to bring a greater level of certainty to the alliance". The system will protect South Korea and Japan - another key USA ally in the region - as well as the nearly 80,000 US troops stationed in the two countries. Read More »

Comcast clarifies pricing strategy for Xfinity TV app on Roku

As Variety notes , Comcast now charges $9.95 per month for additional devices, but offers a $2.50 credit for users who already have equipment like a TiVo set-top box. Better yet, during the beta, Comcast is waiving additional outlet charges for services from outlets connected to your Roku device. Customers will also only be able to use the app when they are at home and have a Comcast Xfinity-enabled cable modem, TV box, or CableCARD device (such as a TiVo) in use. Read More »

Lego Has Built an Instagram-Style Social Network for Kids


How Lego is going to determine which is which wasn't entirely clear, but it was suggested that credit cards, passports, or other forms of ID would be used. It's a clever way to restrain bad behavior, but it will also help overcome worldwide language barriers. Tracking is also disabled for obvious reasons to do with men from the 1970s. Read More »

Trump's wall and immigration promises weren't really empty ones


U.S. President Donald Trump said he had a friendly phone call with Mexico's president on Friday but asserted he will renegotiate trade deals and other aspects of the countries' ties because Mexico has "beat us to a pulp" in the past. If prices of Mexican imports are taxed, US consumers could be paying more on items such as vehicles, food, wine, beer, machinery and other products. Read More »

Trump's border wall will be neither easy nor inexpensive


The Mexican president, who had been under intense pressure stand up to Trump, agreed, and said on Twitter, "This morning we have informed the White House that I will not attend the meeting scheduled for next Tuesday with the POTUS ". White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters that they are looking "for a date to reschedule", adding they will "continue to keep the lines of communication open". Read More »

Dozens killed in U.S. special forces raid on Yemen village

Medics at the scene, however, said around 30 people, including 10 women and children, were killed . One US service member died of wounds suffered in the raid against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen yesterday. A fourth United States service member was injured in a "hard landing" nearby. The raid, authorised by Mr Trump, was aimed at gathering intelligence about the militant group, according to a U.S. Read More »

Gambians hope for change under President Adama Barrow's administration


As Jammeh held firm, ECOWAS organized the inauguration of Barrow at the Gambian Embassy in Senegal-technically, the embassy is on Gambian soil-and recognized him as Gambia's president. Gambia, with almost 1.9 million people, has become an example in West Africa as the region strives for stable, democratic changes of power. Other security forces remain in the country and need to be retrained, ideally by partners, Barrow said. Read More »

#AlternativeFacts: Scientists Plan March on Washington to Oppose Trump Policies

A website also came into fruition, detailing the underpinnings of the movement: "This is a non-partisan issue that reaches far beyond people in the STEM fields and should concern anyone who values empirical research and science". "These actions are absurd and can not be allowed to stand as policy"., an environmentalist group so named for their mission to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 400 parts per million to 350, has organized calls and protests ... Read More »

Rogue National Park Accounts Emerge On Twitter Amid Social Media Gag Orders


In response, these agencies have set up alternative Twitter accounts to fight back against Trump's attempt at silencing their agencies. The users behind some of these accounts, such as AltYellowstoneNatPark and AltEPA , claim to be employees of the agencies and sites they are representing, while others acknowledged that they were not associated with the entities they have chose to represent. Read More »

Boeing Unveils New Spacesuits for Starliner Astronaut Taxi


The new "Boeing Blue" spacesuits were created to provide crew members with functionality, comfort and protection. The new Boeing Blue design is said to be 40 per cent lighter than its predecessor, features zips for added flexibility at the waist and makes it much easier for wearers to stand, sit and then stand again (thanks Ars ). Read More »