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Walker silent on Supreme Court rejecting John Doe appeal


The state Supreme Court stopped the investigation into the alleged violations after several conservative elected judges refused to recuse themselves from the proceedings, despite having benefited from outside election spending by numerous same groups that were accused of illegal coordination with Walker's campaign. Read More »

Pope makes surprise visit to Italian earthquake towns

Vatican spokesperson Greg Burke posted a photograph on Twitter of Pope Francis after he was approached in his auto by a local resident who wanted to show her appreciation for his visit. Afterwards, the Pope stopped to have lunch with around 60 elderly people living in the "St. Raphael Assisted Living Facility" in Rieti, whilst on his way to nearby Accumoli and Arquata del Tronto to bring his message of hope and solidarity to them as well. Read More »

Duterte tells Obama 'you can go to hell' in new tirade


Earnest did not, however, back down from criticism of Duterte's tactics in his deadly war on drugs. In a speech Friday in his hometown of Davao City, Duterte said , "Hitler massacred 3 million Jews". According to some USA officials, Washington has been doing its best to ignore Duterte's rhetoric and not provide him with a pretext for more outbursts. Read More »

Fresh cross-border firing heats up India, Pakistan tension


But in view of recent surgical strikes , they have been recently relocated to Manshera, Naushera and Jhelum with the help of Pakistan army. India has clearly indicated the attacks were not against the Pakistani state, but focussed against terror groups, EP Vice-President said . Read More »

International Monetary Fund Lowers Its Outlook For US Economic Growth


The IMF cut its estimate for USA economic growth in 2016 to 1.6 percent from the 2.2 percent it had predicted in July. But the transition is proving painful as growth rates sit at 25-year lows and key indicators continue to come in below par, weighing on the global outlook as the Chinese economy is a key driver for the world. Read More »

Man Utd failed in bid to lure Arsene Wenger, claims report


But the Gunners had a similar result at a similar time last season when they destroyed Manchester United by the same scoreline, but their season eventually went up in flames towards the end. "To be in the Premier League for 20 years, I think, is incredible", said Howe. To me, it is what a manager is about, that and trying tomorrow to be better than I was yesterday. Read More »

Michelle Obama makes light of Trump's microphone problem


Mrs. Obama plans to campaign in Raleigh on Thursday afternoon. Other presidential obligations, including a week-long swing through Asia and the annual United Nations meetings in NY, have precluded further campaigning from the current Oval Office occupant, though he and his aides describe a president raring to make the case for Clinton. Read More »

Mario Balotelli: Jurgen Klopp doesn't know me


The ex-Liverpool flop was once again amongst the goals for Nice on Sunday, netting a late victor against Lorient before, in classic Balotelli fashion, seeing red just six minutes later. To me, it's better to have skipped this match. They weren't ideal environments for me. This is the problem with Mario Balotelli . However, he says he wants to get back to his best form before a return to Giampiero Ventura's squad. Read More »

ISIS Chief Al Baghdadi Poisoned By Assassin, Said To Be 'Seriously Ill'


Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi is reportedly sick after he and three other terrorist commanders were recently poisoned. An Iraqi news agency confirmed the news saying, "Four militants, including Baghdadi, were suffering from severe poisoning and have been transferred to an unknown location under strict measures". Read More »

Turkey's Erdogan slams delay in European Union funds for refugees

He hated it so much, in fact, that he tried to sue the German comedian under an obscure German law that makes it illegal for citizens to insult foreign heads of state. German prosecutors said on Tuesday that they had dropped their investigation into Jan Böhmermann because of insufficient evidence he had committed a crime. Read More »

Gov. Deal declares state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Matthew


Nikki Haley issued her executive order declaring a state of emergency as major Hurricane Matthew bears down on the coast. While its potential impact on the USA remained unclear, NBC News meteorologist Bill Karins suggested that the storm's path could be reminiscent of Hurricane Floyd in 1999 - which required the evacuation of 2.6 million people across five states [the third-largest evacuation in United State history]. Read More »

Trump's Taxes: "Trumped Up, Trickle Down" Economics or Genius?


The New York Times published Trump's 1995 income tax returns on Saturday, which explain how the former reality TV show host and real-estate mogul could have avoided taxes for almost two decades. He also implied that Trump would be a better president because he is a man. Wallace asked McCaskill why it was OK for her to criticize Bill Clinton's character, but not for Trump to do it. Read More »

USA suspends efforts to work with Russian Federation to save Syrian ceasefire


The United States has accused Russian Federation of hitting the convoy, but both Russian Federation and Syria deny it. The move halts US efforts to revive the crumbling Syrian ceasefire. Putin pointed to the stalled plant construction earlier this year when he accused the USA of failing to meet its end of the deal. The US also says it is withdrawing personnel it had sent to take part in the creation of a joint US-Russia centre. Read More »

Delhi CM Kejriwal supports Modi on surgical strikes against terrorists


On Friday, the Pakistani Army flew worldwide and local media to the LoC to "prove" India did not conduct any surgical strikes . He said Mahatma Gandhi had left India, but the call of the nation brought him back.He said the Indian diaspora should be looked at, not just in terms of its numbers, but also in terms of its strength. Read More »

Donald Trump a 'genius' if he paid no taxes: advisors


In the filings, Trump claimed about $6,000 in wages and more than $7 million in interest income, but CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford reports he also deducted nearly $16 million from real estate losses and another $909 million in net operating losses from his other businesses. Read More »

Fan in gorilla suit runs on field during Lions-Bears game


We needed it", he said. Pittsburgh's 43 points were the most allowed by Kansas City in a regular season game since Andy Reid took over in 2013. Caldwell said he meets with general manager Bob Quinn on a daily basis, but he would not elaborate whether his job performance has been discussed. Read More »

Parents of boy shot at school remember their son

Last week, the 6-year-old's loved ones had asked that everyone continue to pray for Jacob, as well as the other victims of the shooting, who have since been released from the hospital. "We appreciate the community's support, especially the Townville Rescue Squad who treated Jacob onsite and brought him to the hospital", said Rodger and Renae Hall, Jacob's parents. Read More »

Duterte Invokes Hitler in Defense of Killing Drug Users, Pushers in Philippines

Duterte raised his bloody anti-crime war rhetoric to a new level Friday, Sept. 30, 2016, comparing it to how Hitler massacred millions of Jews and saying how he would be "happy to slaughter" 3 million addicts. Todd Gutnick, the Anti-Defamation League's director of communications, called Duterte's comments "Shocking for their tone-deafness". He added: 'It is baffling why any leader would want to model himself after such a monster'. Read More »

De Blasio, Cuomo Change Tune, Connect Chelsea Bombing to Terrorism


Sunday. No cell phones or electronic timing devices were found, Bollwage said. The unexploded device was then examined for clues to the bomber's identity. The rudimentary explosive failed to fully break apart the trash can, and went off in an unpopulated area, though the intent appears to have been to injure as many people as possible at a scheduled Marine Corps charity 5K, scheduled for later that day. Read More »

Syrian military calls on Aleppo rebels to surrender


Two more hospitals were also bombed on Wednesday along with dozens of other targets. Residents said the bombings continued on Sunday despite pupils in eastern Aleppo beginning their new school year. "With clean water and food in very short supply, the number of people requiring urgent medical evacuations is likely to rise dramatically in the coming days". Read More »

Fatal Police Shooting in Los Angeles Sparks Small Protest

The auto did not stop when they pursued, and police report that two male passengers fled on foot in opposite directions. The officers chased one of the passengers, who ran to the back of a house on 107th Street, where he was later shot , police said . Read More »

"We will end Clinton corruption", says Donald Trump during Novi rally


Most waited in line all morning in the cool, damp weather awaiting to see and hear the presidential hopeful's message to the country. Over the course of the past few days, Trump has been repeatedly stating that he won Monday's presidential debate, pointing to various online polls and scolding some within his inner circle for saying that he gave a lackluster performance. Read More »

South Korea, US to simulate attack on nuclear facility

US Secretary of State John Kerry stressed on September 18 that Washington is "prepared to sit down with [ North Korea ] to deal with the issues of nonaggression, of peace on the Korean Peninsula, of [North Korea] joining the global community, of attracting [humanitarian] assistance and economic development, providing North Korea is prepared to talk with the rest of the world about responsible approaches to the question of nuclear weaponry and a nuclear program". Read More »

Hurricane Matthew Loses Some Strength As It Aims For Jamaica, Haiti

As of Friday at 11 p.m. ET, Matthew was centered about 80 miles northwest of Punta Gallinas, Colombia, and about 440 miles southeast of Kingston, Jamaica . Hurricane-force winds extend 45 miles from the center, and tropical-storm-force winds (39 mph or higher) extend 205 miles from the center. Jamaica Meteorological Service' Director Evan Thomas said he expected the storm to hit the island and said fishermen have been advised to evacuate from the cays and return to the mainland, the ... Read More »

China blocks Brahmaputra tributary in Tibet for most expensive hydro project


Zhang Yunbao, the project's administration bureau head, said a sum of 4.95 billion yuan (Rs 4,923 crore) has been earmarked for the project in Tibet's Xigaze region. India and China have had several rounds of talks on the water issue since 2007 and Beijing has always attempted to play down New Delhi's fears that it could use strategically positioned dams to regulate water flows into India. Read More »

Thousands of Israelis file past coffin of former president Peres

Inside Story - Shimon Peres: a man of peace or war criminal? How is a "new Middle East " possible without addressing the historical injustices against the people of Palestine in the founding of Israel, without ending the occupation and siege over the West Bank and Gaza and without resolving the rights of Palestinian Israeli citizens? Shimon Peres served his country's military better than any soldier when he was director-general of the "ministry of defence" in the 1950s. Read More »

Donald Trump Fat-Shamed a Former Miss Universe, Again


During Monday night's presidential debate , and again Tuesday morning on "Fox & Friends" Donald Trump talked about a former Miss Universe who says he berated her and treated her terribly - including not paying her per her contract. Machado, who went on to become a US citizen and Hollywood resident, dominated headlines in the aftermath of the debate. Clinton brought up Machado as an example of Trump's terrible treatment of women and noted that Machado would be voting for her, come ... Read More »

U.S. targets Isis leaders in push to recapture Mosul


Officers insist this does not constitute an offensive to retake to Mosul . French military officials refused to say whether the Rafale jets were to carry out air strikes or were on a reconnaissance mission. France, the first country to join USA -led air strikes in Iraq, has stepped up aerial operations against Islamic State, including in Syria, after several attacks by the group in France. Read More »

Netanyahu: Both presidential candidates will support Israel

Trump agreed to provide usa military assistance to Israel, including " extraordinary strategic, technological, military and intelligence cooperation between the two countries " should he become Commander-in-Chief. The Republican candidate obviously had more of substance to discuss with Netanyahu - the efficacy of security walls and their mutual distrust of the Iran nuclear deal being two obvious examples. Read More »

US to Send More Troops to Iraq to Help With Mosul

He cited for example the need to further prepare Qayara West airfield, which is south of Mosul and will serve as a staging area for Iraqi forces as well as a base for U.S. The troops deployed to Iraq will come from the logistics, intelligence and train, advise and assist specialties, a senior defense official said on the condition of anonymity. Read More »

India at UN tells Pakistan to 'abandon dream' of Kashmir

The decision to cancel Modi's visit is the latest attempt by India to try to pressure Pakistan diplomatically. Image Caption: An Indian army soldier guarding a base at Uri. Tens of thousands have died and two wars have been fought over the disputed region since the end of British rule and partition in 1947. Analysts say India wants to avoid a military escalation partly because of the restive situation in Indian Kashmir, where India has faced widespread civilian unrest for two months. Read More »

India to ratify Paris Agreement on climate change


The ratification by India - which follows that of the United States and China, the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitters - will help accelerate the enactment of the landmark Paris agreement on climate change forged last December. Rising sea levels and increasingly severe weather patterns are evolving as bigger risks to the aging USA electrical grid. United Nations officials have now signalled it is nearly certain the climate treaty will enter force this year, two years earlier than ... Read More »

India says Pakistan believes terror will bring territory

Pakistan rejects the accusation and says India needs to conduct a proper investigation before it apportions blame. India accuses Pakistan of having a role in a September 18 raid on an Indian army base in Kashmir, one of the deadliest attacks in the Himalayan region that has been divided since 1947 and lies at the heart of the nuclear-armed neighbors' rivalry. Read More »

Wildfire grows in Santa Cruz Mountains

Back home in Marin, all fire stations remain staffed with at least the minimum number of personnel, McTigue told Patch. The fire started Monday Sept. Evacuation centers have been set up at Soquel High School at 401 Old San Jose Road in Soquel, the Jewish Community Center of Silicon Valley at 14855 Oka Road in Los Gatos and Morgan Hill Presbyterian Church at 16970 De Witt Morgan Hill, Cal Fire officials said. Read More »