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Added February 2nd, 2011 by James

Super Bowl XLV: Online Sportsbooks have Over/Under at 44

The spread for Super Bowl XLV fluctuate a little bit last week when the Green Bay Packers are favored by -3 and then I got put down to -2.5, depending on the NFL football betting site your looking at. That spread is pretty reasonable as this game should be a close hard-fought battle from start to finish with most likely a game-winning field goal being the deciding factor.

Even though everyone is expecting this game should be won and lost on the defensive side of the football, I believe we might see more offense than people are anticipating. There’s no question that the Green Bay Packers are the better team on offense with players like perennial Pro bowl quarterback Aaron Rodgers and wide receiver Greg Jennings, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are a team that has flown under the radar offensively with their studs on offense in two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and running back Rashard Mendenhall. Continue Reading…

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Added February 1st, 2011 by James

Super Bowl XLV: Which team has the better defense?

The one thing that has everyone talking heading into Super Bowl XLV is:

Which team has the better defense?

There is no question that the Pittsburgh Steelers have been one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL for quite some time now as they have players like Troy Polamalu and James Harrison striking fear in opposing running backs and quarterbacks, but whether or not they are collectively better than the Green Bay Packers on that side of the football remains to be seen. Continue Reading…

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Added January 27th, 2011 by James

Cowboys Stadium charging $900 per parking spot for Super Bowl XLV

The stage is set for Super Bowl XLV as the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers will head to Arlington, Texas to battle it out in a winner take out matchup that could go down as yet another epic showdown on the biggest stage in the NFL.

As usual, getting tickets to the big game is no easy task and as expensive as any sporting event in this country, but even if you are lucky enough to afford and buy a ticket to Super Bowl XLV, you might be in for a surprise when you try and park near Cowboys Stadium on Feb. 6. Continue Reading…

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Added January 26th, 2011 by James

Lakers dominate Jazz to quiet critics

Coming into last night’s game at Staples Center in Los Angeles, the two-time defending NBA champion Lakers were receiving a lot of critics around the league for not being the championship caliber team they used to be on the defensive end of the floor.

Lakers legend Jerry West turned out to be the most critical of his former team as he said the defending champs’ age was starting to catch up with them. With an average age of 30 and 10 players over at or over that age, the Lakers aren’t getting any younger, but if there is something that this time thrives on it is criticism like this and people doubting their ability. Continue Reading…

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Added January 22nd, 2011 by James

NFL Playoffs: New York Jets vs Pittsburgh Steelers in AFC Championship Game

AFC Championship Game: New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers Sun. Jan. 23rd 2011 6:30pm EST

This weekend in the NFL playoffs we have two very intriguing matchups, but perhaps the most intriguing will be the New York Jets traveling to Heinz Field to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

These two teams have two of the best defenses in the league this season with the ability just completely shut down potent offenses. The Steelers may have the best run defense in the league this year with superstar Troy Polamalu being a running back’s worst nightmare, but the Jets have one of the best all around defenses with Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis intimidating opposing quarterbacks. Continue Reading…

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Added January 20th, 2011 by James

Indianapolis Colts plan to make Peyton Manning highest paid player in the NFL

Over the past decade or so, there’ve been plenty of quarterbacks in the NFL that have made headlines their impressive play like the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees, San Diego Chargers’Philip Rivers and the Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick, but no quarterback in the league can be compared to Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts in terms of consistency.

No matter who you compare him with, even Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Peyton Manning is the cream of the crop at the quarterback position in the NFL today. Continue Reading…

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Added January 19th, 2011 by James

Jay Cutler crushes Seattle Seahawks with dominant performance

The Chicago Bears made a big move before the beginning of last season by trading for one of the most promising young quarterbacks in the NFL in the then Denver Broncos Pro Bowl gunslinger Jay Cutler. At first glance, the move looked to drastically improve a struggling offense that hasn’t had a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback since the days of Mike Ditka’s Bears back in the 80s.

Unfortunately, Culter really struggled in his first year as the Chicago Bears’ main man under center and was considered somewhat of a bust. Despite his first season in the Windy City being as disappointing as they come, the Bears still had faith in their new starting quarterback and came into this NFL regular season with high hopes of turning things around. Continue Reading…

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Added January 17th, 2011 by James

Packers dominate Falcons with impressive performance from Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers have had a rough season this year, but now they are just one win away from representing the NFC Conference in the Super Bowl. In the first round of the playoffs, the Green Bay Packers were able to take down Michael Vick’s Philadelphia Eagles with some lockdown defense.

Coming into the Divisional round, the Green Bay Packers had their work cut out for them as they had to take on the number one seeded Atlanta Falcons at home at the Georgia Dome. Continue Reading…

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Added January 14th, 2011 by James

Patriots and Jets get heated with battle of words

It is no secret that there is no love lost between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets as these two AFC East division rivals clearly don’t like each other, but considering that the Patriots embarrassed the Jets back in Week 13 with a 45-3 blowout, New York talking trash before their Divisional round showdown in the playoffs seems a bit ridiculous. Continue Reading…

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Added January 13th, 2011 by James

Cleveland Cavaliers get blown out by 55 against the Los Angeles Lakers

About a year ago, one of the most anticipated matchups in the NBA was the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers going head to head against arguably the best team in the Eastern Conference in LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers. This season that is not the case as ever since LeBron James took his talents to South Beach, the Cavs have gone head first into downward spiral that has turned them into arguably the worst team in the league. Continue Reading…

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