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Fred Vasseur’s Efforts to Poach Lewis Hamilton



Fred Vasseur’s Efforts to Poach Lewis Hamilton

Toto Wolff Admits He is “Doing Everything” to Keep Mercedes Star to ‘Resurrect’ Mercedes Despite Fred Vasseur’s Attempts to Poach Lewis Hamilton.

Recently, news of Fred Vasseur, the head of the Ferrari team, attempting to steal Lewis Hamilton away from Mercedes made headlines. As reported by, veteran F1 journalist Michael Schmidt confirmed the same while commenting on the most recent AMuS episode. Toto Wolff, team principal of Mercedes, has acknowledged that he is making every effort to keep the British driver on his side as these rumours persist.

As the Austrian continues his efforts to persuade Hamilton to remain with the Silver Arrows, it is important to note that the speculation around the 38-year-old’s departure from the team grew to the point where he felt compelled to address it during his press conferences. Hamilton, though, has consistently refuted such claims and made it plain that he is almost ready to extend his contract with Mercedes.

Therefore, it is now up to Wolff and Mercedes to make sure they can persuade Hamilton to stay. Wolff is certain that Hamilton will remain with the team because he is aware of his potential. Hamilton has won seven world championships.

Toto Wolff was recently questioned about whether he thinks Lewis Hamilton would stay with the team given that the British driver is in the final year of his deal with Mercedes. He said, “I very much hope so,” in a recent interview with the BBC’s Desert Island Discs. I’m exerting every effort to keep him going.

Wolff was also questioned if he would have to convince Hamilton to remain longer given Mercedes’ decline in performance. The Austrian responded by stating that there was no need to convince the 38-year-old.

Despite Mercedes’ difficulties, Wolff is optimistic that Hamilton will be a part of the team’s “resurrection”. Wolff is certain that Hamilton will continue with Mercedes, but it’s important to remember that Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur shot down any rumours of them trying to recruit the Brit earlier this year.

This is due to the fact that, despite saying (as reported by formullana) that he would like to one day have Hamilton at his side, he denied any claims that he had discussed luring the 38-year-old away from Mercedes. Hamilton himself has also stated on a number of occasions how eager he is to finish his career with the Silver Arrows.

Lewis Hamilton made it clear in a recent interview with Sky Sports that he has no plans to leave Mercedes. The British man claimed that the complexity of his contract is the main factor in why he is taking his time to renew it.

In addition, Toto Wolff recently revealed in an interview that the 38-year-old’s contract renewal is probably going to be announced by the Silver Arrows in the next few days. He said that the two sides can agree to prolong the contract with just “trivial hold-ups” left. Hamilton is therefore likely to extend his contract with Mercedes over the summer.

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