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Ekpe Udoh: Golden State Warrior’s 2010 NBA Draft Number 6 Pick

In this year’s 2010 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors were up for their sixth overall pick of the night and passed up on some great opportunities when they chose Baylor’s Ekpe Udoh.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Udoh is a great player and without doubt a decent prospect in the draft this year, but he could have very well went later in the draft had the Warrior’s decided to not choose him with their sixth pick.  In addition, there were several other fine prospects that would have been great additions to the Warrior’s, not counting that there were several good ones a couple years younger than Udoh.

The Golden State Warriors have players that can score almost every time and they have players that can dunk whenever they please – on every shot if they wanted to.  With so many great players on the team that are finding their skills and playing abilities, you’d think that they would choose another rising star out of the NBA draft to add to their rising team.  For the most part, they did, but there were better choices out there than Udoh.

However, assuming that Udoh was a good choice for the Warriors…he definitely has talent to keep up with the team.  He is great on defense, but does seem to lose his cool every once in a while.  If the Warriors can manage that, then they’ll have an awesome defensive rookie on their team this season.

In my own personal opinion, Udoh wasn’t a good enough prospect in this year’s draft to go number six overall, but who cares what I think, right?  What’s done is done.  Let’s just hope that the Golden State Warriors don’t regret their decision in choosing Udoh over some of the better prospects in the draft such as a much-needed center.

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2 Responses to “Ekpe Udoh: Golden State Warrior’s 2010 NBA Draft Number 6 Pick”

  1. John says:

    I hear what your saying, Golden State has not pulled the trigger and gotten that big stud they need in the middle. I really expected them to make a change after last season, but …

  2. harry m leong says:

    same old thing, no big guys drafted which they need and had a chance to get
    same old nelson players as long as he is there they will not win. and what is al attlels and nate thurmond doing but collecting pay checks and not do in any good. it they are helping advicing. they stink, you must get rid of those two, all these years its the same thing, no progress. management very poor until they change those people they will be the same stale warriors, i had season tickets for 11 years and i just had to give them up until you hire people like jerry west, phil jackson are somebody who is good on big men and defense they be the same, they have plenty of offense no rebounders are defense evey draft consist on offense, management fault.

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