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Is Pau Gasol still on the trading block in Los Angeles?

The one team in the NBA that has made more noise than any other this season in terms of trade rumors and certain players around the league being linked to a possible trade with this team is the Los Angeles Lakers. After getting the blockbuster trade for Chris Paul vetoed at the beginning of the season, the Lakers have been forced to trade reigning Sixth Man of the Year Lamar Odom (Dallas Mavericks) and kept Pau Gasol on edge.

Now that the NBA trade deadline (March 15) is just weeks away, the trade rumors surrounding the Lakers and Pau Gasol as the centerpiece have been coming in on daily basis. With that being said, Gasol has been affected by the rumors and as a result Kobe Bryant came out and stuck up for his teammate. Kobe let it be known that if the team is going to trade Pau then just do it or come out and say that he will not be dealt. That will stop confusion and get Gasol concentrating on the floor rather than whether or not he will be with the team tomorrow.

After Kobe Bryant made these comments, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak made a statement in response and basically said that Pau Gasol will remain on the trading block until after the NBA trade deadline. That means that Gasol will continue to be wondering whether or not he will be in a Lakers uniform in the near future.

With so many trade rumors circulating around the City of Angels as of late, it seems like a forgone conclusion that the Los Angeles Lakers will make a trade before the deadline. Even though Gasol has been the one mentioned in most of these trades, the most likely deal for this team in my opinion is Ramon Sessions of the Cleveland Cavaliers coming to Los Angeles. With the Cavs just wanting a first-round draft pick, the Lakers don’t have much to lose here.

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