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Knicks Bold Trade Lands Them Explosive Zion Williamson



Knicks Bold Trade Lands Them Explosive Zion Williamson

Basketball in colleges is a unique animal. It means more to some people than the NBA. Even devoted supporters of the league, though, are probably going to be watching March Madness on TV.

As a result, college teammates have close relationships. They grow even more powerful if they perform well in the competition. They will remember that encounter for the rest of their life. They cannot lose it to anyone.

So it’s amazing when former college buddies cross paths in the NBA. Occasionally, it does. RJ Barrett plays for the New York Knicks currently, whereas Zion Williamson plays for the New Orleans Pelicans. Could that soon change?

In contrast, it is exceptional when two college teammates get selected in the lottery at the same time. It doesn’t occur very frequently. It did in 2019.

The obvious choice was Zion Williamson. He was indeed thought of as a generational possibility. Everyone wanted him in the days before the lottery. Not an exception were the Knicks. It seemed inevitable that he would join the Knicks in some way. Not every year did the biggest market in the league have good lottery odds with a generational potential on the line.

What follows is history. Williamson arrived with the Little Pelicans. With the third overall pick, the Knicks chose Barrett. When healthy, Williamson has exhibited dominance. Barrett, however, hasn’t exactly impressed. Could reconciling with his college teammate help him advance professionally?

Reasons Behind The New York Knicks’ Deal:

Some may contest our reasoning in this case. With Julius Randle, the Knicks have found success. Why do they need a player at his position, exactly?

Simple: Zion Williamson is that player. Throughout his career, he has experienced serious health issues. That is a fact. He has exhibited the skills of one of the NBA’s top players when he is healthy. Williamson is a paint touch by default due to his special combination of size, quickness, and vertical leap.

What plan do the Knicks have for Randle? Since we don’t know, we don’t really care. They might attempt to use him as a full-time small-ball group at the 5. Alternatively, they can use this as a pretext to trade him. In either case, paying Williamson has a huge potential reward. The Pelicans should release him, right?

Reasons Behind The New Orleans Pelicans’ Deal:

Williamson is arguably one of the NBA’s most baffling players. Is the Knicks’ loss of this much ground too much to bear? Is what the Pelicans receive insufficient? Both yes and yes.

What is, is what is. Williamson is continuously in pain. It’s uncertain if he will ever recover his health. It might be acceptable for the Pelicans to give up on him. This would be a good return, should they choose to. Most importantly, they will receive three first-round picks that are not protected.

Having said that, Robinson’s inclusion is significant. The Pelicans are rumoured to be looking for a defensive big. Robinson offers them one to move forward with, even though selling Williamson for one would be overkill. If Quickley, a young player with talent, is included in the transaction, the Pelicans might be motivated to bring back two former teammates.

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