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LeBron & Brony James Visited Minnesota After Cardiac Arrest



LeBron & Brony James Visited Minnesota After Cardiac Arrest

Following a medical scare last month, LeBron James and his son Bronny have taken off for Minnesota in an effort to get additional treatment for the USC hooper.

The two arrived in Rochester at some point over the weekend, and they have since been seen in and around the Mayo Clinic, where they appear to be looking for more information about the circumstances surrounding the 18-year-old’s cardiac arrest on July 24.

On Monday, after one of their visits to the hospital, the couple and a few friends went to Terza Ristorante in the city’s centre for dinner. However, when they left, they were surrounded by a crowd of adoring fans.

Bronny, who was dressed in a white shirt and a black jacket, can be seen leaving the restaurant through the back entrance before LBJ, who is following closely behind.

A crowd of LeBron fans surrounds the two as they board the waiting SUV, pulling out their phones to start yelling for the Lakers star.

But before things go too chaotic, the boys are able to flee.

Despite being released on July 27 and seeing just one day later looking good while out to dinner with his family in Los Angeles, Bronny need several days in the hospital after his emergency on SC’s campus.

The Trojans are now in Greece without the adolescent as they get ready for a run of exhibition games later this month, but it’s unclear what any of that means for the future of his basketball career at this time.

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