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Santa Monica Pier To Light Up For Kobe Bryant



Santa Monica Pier To Light Up For Kobe Bryant

Today, three years ago, Kobe Bryant passed away. In remembrance of the late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, the Santa Monica Pier will be illuminated in purple and gold on Thursday night.

The ‘LA + heart + 24’ and ‘LA + heart + 8’ coupled with displays of gold and purple hues in a variety of patterns and transitions will light up Pacific Park’s 90-foot-tall Ferris wheel.

The day after Kobe Bryant’s birthday, on August 23, Kobe Bryant Day (also known as Black Mamba Day or Mamba Day) recognizes the two jersey numbers he wore throughout his 20-year NBA career. He made NBA history in 2017 by being the first player to have two jersey numbers retired by the same team.

The 40 spokes and two hubs of the ferris wheel, as well as the 174,000 LED lights for the Pacific Wheel, are mounted to the wheel’s framework. The lighting system of the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel has 16.7 million possible color value combinations, and the programming and display software can display images at a frame rate of up to 24 frames per second to show off dynamic, personalized, computer-generated lighting entertainment. The energy savings from the eco-friendly, improved LED lighting are 81 percent greater than those from the majority of the ferris wheel’s conventional incandescent bulbs.

Santa Monica Pier To Light Up For Kobe Bryant

There are takeout and eat-in options available at the nearby restaurants near Staples Center. Along with Yard House, Fleming’s, El Cholo, Broken Spanish, Levy, and Rock N Fish Restaurant, this also features LA institution The Original Pantry Café.

A plan to rename a section of Figueroa Street near the arena after the Lakers great was revealed by Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson last August.

“Kobe Bryant was a true hero in my eyes. The muralist Ladie One said, “His Mamba Mentality, his worth ethic, and who he was as a person, I truly applied throughout my entire process of being here for so long.

On Good Day LA, muralist Ladie One speaks with Sandra Endo of FOX 11 about what Kobe Bryant’s legacy means to her.

She is now revealing a Kobe Bryant painting that took 150 days to complete in downtown Los Angeles.

In order to celebrate Kobe Bryant, fans paint murals throughout Los Angeles. Jenni Rivera’s kid uses his suffering to create a stunning Kobe painting.

Kobe was everything to Los Angeles.Since all of the dead were residents of the community where he lives, the tragedy truly hit here hard. Tyke Witness, a muralist, said, “I have to do this mural solely out of love for Kobe’s family and the Lakers Nation.

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