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Baltimore Ravens Defeat Cincinnati Bengals 34-20



Baltimore Ravens Defeat Cincinnati Bengals 34-20

With or without Joe Burrow, the Bengals are in serious problems after their loss to the Ravens. Burrow’s wrist injury caused him to be removed from the AFC North match.

A Super Bowl was nearly won by the Cincinnati Bengals two seasons ago. That was ruined by a dubious defensive holding call.

The Bengals lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship game during the previous postseason on the very last play. The Bengals appeared to be one or two wins away from winning a championship for the second time in two seasons.

We all anticipate a club that gets so close to eventually go on and win a championship or two. The Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan may have experienced that, but it’s hardly common. Those teams typically get a few bad breaks, the league as a whole comes up to and passes them, and the window for a championship closes.

Although Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has stated that his career is his window to win a championship, and he may not be entirely incorrect, Thursday night’s events demonstrated how brittle everything in the NFL is. To take the lead against the Baltimore Ravens, Burrow completed a touchdown pass, but he grasped his wrist in pain. The Bengals will be hoping that his injury is not the kind that will keep him out of the game and ruin their season because he did not return. Takeover came from Jake Browning, the undrafted 2019 player who threw his sole NFL regular-season touchdown in this season’s opening week. Baltimore easily won 34–20, and Browning struggled to move the offence.

Bengals head coach Zac Taylor informed the reporters during the game that it “looked like” Burrow had sprained his wrist, but he did not provide an update on the extent of the injury or if his quarterback would miss any time.

Cincinnati’s position in the AFC North was severely impacted by the loss, even if Burrow recovers and plays again this season. A championship requires a lot of things to go right, and the Bengals must be wondering where this season’s hex came from.

The Bengals trail the Ravens by two and a half games and lose the head-to-head tiebreaker to Baltimore due to a season sweep. The Bengals are now 5-5, while the Ravens are 8-3.

The Bengals must beat the Ravens by four games the remainder of the season in order to pass them in the division, even if they play fantastic football moving forward. And there will be a tough competition for AFC wild-card berths. With Burrow and Browning, the Bengals’ chances of making the postseason are slim to none.

The Bengals’ pursuit of a highly skilled club at the top of their division contributes to some of their issues. The Ravens looked like the best football team in the league before their sad loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. They also looked excellent on Thursday night. Lamar Jackson, the quarterback for Baltimore, with 264 passing yards and two touchdowns. He will reappear in the MVP conversation following Thursday night. Thanks to a strong Bengals defence, the Ravens led by 21 points at the half, and they never looked back in the second half.

Baltimore Ravens Defeat Cincinnati Bengals 34-20

Above all, the Browns lost Deshaun Watson to a season-ending shoulder injury this week, and the Bengals might also lose Burrow, according to the Ravens. While nobody cheers for injuries, those two might pave the way for the Ravens to easily win their division.

The Ravens have their own problems with injuries. On Baltimore’s opening drive, tight end Mark Andrews was tackled on a hip-drop play, resulting in an ankle injury that forced him out of the game. After the game, head coach John Harbaugh stated, “It looks like a season-ending injury.”

Jackson did not miss any plays despite suffering an ankle injury during a tackle later in the first quarter. Then, after surpassing 100 receiving yards for the evening, Odell Beckham Jr. left the game with a shoulder injury in the second half.

Jackson, despite his injuries, performed fairly well. Although Jackson’s leg became stuck in the turf during the third quarter, he was otherwise unnoticeable as he was just Jackson.

This season, the clubs don’t play each other again, and it appears that their trajectories are diverging. The reason the Ravens don’t have the division locked up is that the Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) can’t seem to lose, the Browns (6-3) have a strong defence that could help them overcome a concerning quarterback situation, and we don’t know what the Bengals will do in the future. It will be surprising, though, if the Ravens don’t win the AFC North following this week’s events.

Cincinnati can only hope to find itself in such a situation. The best-case scenario for the Bengals the remainder of the season is to chase a wild-card place while playing quarterback, who has already had two major injuries. Using a backup who spent more than four seasons in the league before making one NFL pass attempt is the worst-case scenario. Browning might be the next Brock Purdy, but that’s a hard assumption to make.

Regardless of the update about Burrow’s wrist, Cincinnati’s hopes for a championship may have ended on Thursday night.

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