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Henry Ruggs III Sentenced To 3-10 Years For Fatal DUI



Henry Ruggs III Sentenced To 3-10 Years For Fatal DUI

Henry Ruggs III, a former Raiders wide receiver, was given a 3–10 year prison term for his role in a fatal DUI accident.

In November 2021, Ruggs was observed driving under the influence at 156 mph.

Henry Ruggs III, a former wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders, was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison on Wednesday after entering a plea of guilty to a felony DUI charge that resulted in death and a misdemeanour charge of vehicular manslaughter in May in a Clark County District Court.

When Tina Tintor, 23, and her dog were killed in a collision in November 2021, Ruggs was charged with speeding up to 156 mph down residential streets while exceeding the legal blood alcohol limit by 0.16 percent. He was immediately released by the Raiders after being charged with DUI, reckless driving, and having a handgun in his hands while intoxicated.

Ruggs read a message for Tintor’s parents and family during the sentencing hearing. He reportedly read, “I sincerely apologise for my actions the morning of Nov. 2, 2021,” according to a nearby CBS News station. “My actions do not accurately represent who I am.”

The lawyer for Ruggs characterised his client as a “kind, shy, extremely bright, and thoughtful young man.” He continued, “Make no mistake, he takes full responsibility for this.”

After Ruggs’ guilty plea hearing in May, district attorney Steven B. Wolfson issued a statement. “I recognise this conclusion is not sufficient to penalise Ruggs for the loss the Tintor family has endured,” the statement read. “However, there was a real risk that a court would have hidden the result of the blood draw. The felony DUI accusation would have been dropped. That was a risk we couldn’t take. This decision gives closure to the Tintor family and sentences Ruggs to up to 10 years in prison for felony DUI.

At that time, the Tintor family also issued a statement through their lawyers. “Today, like every day, we remember Tina and Max, and how they were taken from us that fateful night,” the statement, according to ESPN. “No punishment will ever be able to bring Tina and Max back, but we sincerely hope that everyone learns from this occurrence so that no other families have to through what we have. We appreciate the district attorney’s office’s efforts to resolve the problems brought on by the preliminary inquiry, and we anticipate putting this matter behind us so that we can concentrate on paying tribute to Tina and Max’s memory.

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