Kevin O'Connell Told TJ Hockenson To Go Down On The Field With An Injury

Everything turns becomes a debate and a conspiracy. 

And you knew what was going to happen next when cameras saw Minnesota Vikings HC. 

Coach Kevin O'Connell telling his tight end to go down, thus giving the Vikings a timeout.

Following a play against the San Francisco 49ers in the second quarter 

tight end T.J. Hockenson of the Vikings—possibly the team's greatest offensive player given the absence of Justin Jefferson—was hobbling off the field.

O'Connell then commanded Hockenson to "go down." Yelling at his tight end on the field, he wasn't trying to hide it.

One of the Vikings' top red-zone threats in Hockenson, they had just gained 30 yards to the 49ers' 2-yard line. 

On first-and-goal, they did not want Hockenson off the field. Had the Vikings been trying to cheat at that point—there was no reason to do so

and they didn't need to stop the clock—they would have, at the very least, told a less-experienced player than Hockenson to fake an injury, and they would not have been yelling from the sidelines to go down.

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