Ravens Beat Cincinnati Bengals 34-20

With or without Joe Burrow, the Bengals are in serious problems after their loss to the Ravens. 

Burrow's wrist injury caused him to be removed from the AFC North match.

A Super Bowl was nearly won by the Cincinnati Bengals two seasons ago. That was ruined by a dubious defensive holding call.

The Bengals lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship game during the previous postseason on the very last play.

The Bengals appeared to be one or two wins away from winning a championship for the second time in two seasons.

We all anticipate a club that gets so close to eventually go on and win a championship or two.

The Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan may have experienced that, but it's hardly common.

Those teams typically get a few bad breaks, the league as a whole comes up to and passes them, and the window for a championship closes.

The Bengals trail the Ravens by two and a half games and lose the head-to-head tiebreaker to Baltimore due to a season sweep. 

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