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DeMarco Murray has become the starting running back for the Dallas Cowboys

Over the past few years, the one thing that the Dallas Cowboys have been sorely lacking is a solid running game like they had during the Emmitt Smith era. With no running back coming close to replacing the NFL legend, the Cowboys have really struggled to create a balanced offense and take the pressure off superstar quarterback Tony Romo.

Now that Tony Romo has had to do literally everything on offense, the blame for losses and the franchise struggling has been put squarely on his shoulders. This season Romo might finally have gotten that running back that will take the pressure off with DeMarco Murray coming into his own with some impressive performances in place of the injured starter Felix Jones.

There is no doubt that Felix Jones is a talented young player that might be able to make something of himself in the near future, the Cowboys former starting running back has been injury prone in his short time in Dallas and now has let DeMarco Murray come in and take his job with no debate over the move.

In the last five games, DeMarco Murray has rushed for 635 yards and two touchdowns. Murray hasn’t been a serious threat in the redzone, but his presence has been enough for the Cowboys to emerge as a serious force to be reckoned with once again in the NFC Conference.

Whether or not DeMarco Murray can continue to play consistently well remains to be seen, but as of right now he appears to be the answer for the Dallas Cowboys coming out of the backfield and might be the one player that will be able to take the heat off Tony Romo.

In Week 11, the Dallas Cowboys will face off against the division rival Washington Redskins in what should be a relatively easy win for America’s Team.

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