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NFL Week 16: Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys Sat. Dec. 24, 2011 4:15 p.m. EST

The NFC East division title may have very well come down to the final weeks of the NFL regular season once again as the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants are still in contention for the top spot in the division. The Eagles are obviously the team that needs a few things to happen to still be able to win the division title, but the Cowboys control their own fate this weekend if they can come out on top against their arch division rivals in Dallas.

Despite struggling throughout the entire season, the Philadelphia Eagles have started to come back to life as of late with three wins in the last five weeks. The Eagles have by no means lived up to the “Dream Team” tag they were given coming into this NFL regular season, but they might be able to end the season on a high note with a big win over the Cowboys in Week 16.

Back in Week 8, the Dallas Cowboys were dominated from start to finish by the Philadelphia Eagles with Michael Vick and company putting on an offensive showdown. With a 34-7 win over Dallas, Philadelphia played up to their potential and looked like they were back on track. Not only was Philly back to form on offense, but Dallas was exposed on defense.

In Week 16, the Philadelphia Eagles will try to do the same thing they did back in Week 8, but this team they will have to do it at Cowboys Stadium. As of right now, the Dallas Cowboys are favored to win this NFC East battle with a -3 point spread. That seems to be right on the money to me.

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